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The chairman of Runtu shares fell unexpectedly and cashed out 600million in the last 10 days

the chairman of Runtu shares fell unexpectedly and cashed out 600million in the last 10 days

October 8, 2014

[China paint information] (September 29) in the evening, Runtu shares (002440, SZ) announced that the chairman, Mr. Ruan Jiagen, unfortunately died unexpectedly on the evening of September 28, 2014, and organized a board training in Yang, "there seems to be no depressive symptoms"

according to the semi annual report disclosed by Runtu shares, the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in the first half of 2014 was 666 million yuan, an increase of 160.75% year-on-year; The operating revenue was 2.911 billion yuan, an increase of 34.92% year-on-year

"the achievements can only show the past. We need to continue to create greater brilliance. We need to create" safe leap soil, 10 billion leap soil and 100 year leap soil ", and we need to realize" system innovation, system innovation and scientific and technological innovation " The above "Chairman's speech" is still hanging on the official station of Runtu shares

according to the information disclosure, Ruan Jiagen was born in 1960. After graduating from high school in 1979, he entered the original Shangyu textile printing and dyeing auxiliary factory and later became the deputy factory director. In 1986, Ruan Jiagen left the auxiliary factory and became the director of the chemical pulp and coating factory in DuPu township. In 1987, Shangyu dyeing and chemical additives factory, established by Ruan Jiagen, was established and restructured into Zhejiang Runtu chemical industry group in 1996. It was changed into Runtu shares in 2004 and listed in July 2010. In the Forbes China 400 rich list in 2013, the ruanjagan family ranked 233 with an asset of 5.09 billion yuan

Ruan Jiagen has reduced his holdings and cashed out four times.

according to the data, Runtu shares are mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of textile dyes, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and chemical raw materials. As the environmental protection pressure of the domestic dye industry chain becomes stricter, the upstream and downstream industry upgrading of dyes will lead to the reduction of supply market share, continuous contraction, continuous price rise and continuous benefits

according to the Research Report of CICC, the price of disperse dyes increased by 18% from 33000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year (excluding tax, the same below) to 39000 yuan/ton at present; The price of reactive dyes rose continuously from 35000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 45000 yuan/ton, and then fell back to 36000 yuan/ton with the price of H acid; Upstream H acid and other dye intermediates increased by 30% to 100000 yuan/ton from 80000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year. The gross profit margin of dyes of the company continued to increase by 16.92 percentage points to 44.31%

according to a research report of CICC in August this year, the total annual production capacity of dyes of Runtu Co., Ltd. is more than 160000 tons, of which the production capacity of disperse dyes is 1. We are committed to keeping 10000 tons of fresh food, 40000 tons of reactive dyes and 10000 tons of other dyes. The company continues to reduce unit costs and improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources through inward extension. With the completion and operation of 7000 tons of high-grade disperse dyes and 160000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda projects, the company's performance will take off again

however, when the industry was improving, Ruan Jiagen continued to reduce his holdings and cash out

on September 23, Runtu announced that Ruan Jiagen, the controlling shareholder and actual controller, reduced his holdings of 10million shares and 13million shares respectively on September 19 and 22, with a total reduction ratio of 3%, and the average reduction price was 18.50 yuan. On September 25, it was announced that Ruan Jiagen, the controlling shareholder and actual controller, reduced 10million shares and 3million shares respectively on September 23 and 24, with a total reduction ratio of 1.69% and an average reduction price of 18.50 yuan. This means that Ruan Jiagen reduced 36 million shares of the company from September 19 to 24, accounting for 4.69% of the total share capital, and cashed out 666 million yuan because he could not accurately control the speed

Ruan Jiagen is a relatively intuitive person in Huilian village, Daoxu Town, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. "He is quite honest. Last year, he specially gave red envelopes to the elderly in the village, including 1000 yuan for those aged 70 to 79, 2000 yuan for those aged 80 to 89, and 3000 yuan for those aged over 90." An old man in Huilian village told daily economy (Weibo)

Runtu shares is a family enterprise. According to the reduction announcement issued by Runtu shares on September 25, Ruan Jiagen still holds about 236million shares after the reduction, and is the largest shareholder of the company, accounting for 30.75% of the total share capital. And Ruan Jiagen, Ruan Jiachun, Zhang aijuan, Ruan Jingbo, Zhang Yunda, Ruan Jixiang and other six people hold about 360million shares in total, accounting for 46.94% of the total share capital, and they are still the actual controllers of the company

"Ruan Jiagen and Ruan Jiachun are two brothers, and his two daughters, one at home and the other abroad, have not married". During the interview, local people in Shangyu District told the daily economy that Ruan Jingbo was the eldest daughter, but the public information of the youngest daughter was difficult to find

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