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ThyssenKrupp chairman of the board of directors: shrink steel investment in China

ThyssenKrupp chairman of the board of directors: shrink steel investment in China

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since taking office as chairman of the board of directors of ThyssenKrupp from Siemens in 2011, inrich hiesinger has spent half of his time running around factories around the world for the transformation of the company, while stripping and selling part of his steel business, On the other hand, it increased investment in China and other regions

for an international and diversified group that started from steel 200 years ago and now has nearly 157000 employees in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, how to make business choices is particularly important under today's economic uncertainty, and it is also of reference significance for domestic steel mills that are now involved in non steel industries

on the 3rd, ThyssenKrupp automotive components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially opened, which is one of many plants invested and constructed by ThyssenKrupp in China. Hesingen said that while divesting part of its steel business globally, the company has been promoting transformation and will further seek investment opportunities in industrial products and services in the future, Especially in emerging markets such as China

this new production base, which opened in Shanghai on the 3rd, with an investment of 100million euros, will produce steering systems and shock absorption systems for the Chinese market, with an annual output of about 750000 electric steering systems and 1.8 million shock absorption systems, and supply vehicle manufacturers worldwide and in China

herzingen said that in addition to the factory in Shanghai, a new factory in Changzhou that produces cylinder head cover module assembly will also be put into production and operation by the end of this year. Last year, the company also had new factories in Nanjing and Chengdu

"I come to China three or four times a year, many of which are involved in the opening of new factories we invest in," hesingen said, "In the past three years, our cumulative investment in China has exceeded 400million euros. Since 2013, four new auto parts factories have been put into operation. At present, five of our six major business units in the world have been operating in China, of which the mechanical parts technology business unit has reached 10 production bases in China, producing parts for the automotive, construction and wind energy industries."

in fact, ThyssenKrupp's current round of investment in China came from the adjustment of its internal structure. Since taking office, hesingen has carried out a series of business optimization and adjustment plans, transforming the group from an enterprise with steel as its main industry to a diversified industrial group. Currently, the company has sold its stainless steel business and is preparing to sell its Brazilian steel plant business

"in the past, the main business of the company that caused errors was steel, but now the proportion of steel business is only 30%." Hesingen revealed that in addition to divestiture and cost reduction, more investment has not been reduced, mainly in emerging markets such as China and R & D, and R & D costs are rising at a rate of 10% per year

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