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Water based coating brings new business opportunities to the furniture industry

water based coating brings new business opportunities to the furniture industry

November 20, 2019

in the upgrading of environmental protection materials, due to the particularity of the appearance and structure of solid wood furniture, the operation is simple, and the requirements for the coating process are higher. Therefore, the launch of this project will help to meet the needs of China's road conditions for new environmental protection coatings with high performance and high quality. At present, according to the survey, most of the surveyed enterprises have used environmental friendly coatings, of which the proportion of using environmental friendly coatings has reached more than 75%. Among them, the two-component waterborne paint, which takes into account environmental protection and performance, has been widely used by a number of leading domestic furniture enterprises and recognized by consumers. Among the environmental protection coatings used by the interviewed furniture enterprises, two-component water-based paint has the highest proportion, and many enterprises regard two-component water-based paint as the first choice of environmental protection coating technology for medium and high-end solid wood furniture. Low odor, high hardness, scratch resistance, yellowing resistance, stain resistance and high fullness are the main reasons why furniture enterprises choose two-component water-based paint

at present, the application of water-based paint in developed markets such as Europe and the United States has been compared with lechal, which has cut down the GPS module and other complex elements. However, the market share of water-based furniture paint in the domestic furniture industry as a whole has increased. Industry insiders said: "through the joint efforts of the whole industrial chain, some leading domestic furniture enterprises have actively transformed, and adjusted the proportion of medium and high-end products by upgrading the use of high-performance two-component water-based coating, so as to enhance the competitiveness of brand products in the market." He also added that the growth rate of waterborne furniture coatings in the Chinese market is expected to be higher than 20% from 2015 to 2020

children's furniture makes great efforts in high-performance environmental protection water-based coating. It is worth noting that in the process of furniture enterprises promoting high-performance environmental protection water-based coating, the category of children's furniture makes great efforts. With the full liberalization of the two-child policy, the domestic furniture market for young people and children has ushered in a new round of opportunities for vigorous development. When choosing children's furniture, more and more parents realize that paint has greatly affected the environmental protection and safety of children's furniture. Children's furniture enterprises, which are sensitive to the market, have taken the lead in using water-based coatings in a high proportion to create a healthy and safe brand image. This is the worst time and the best time. There are no bad industries, only bad enterprises. When the industry develops to the historical inflection point of transformation and upgrading, conforming to the needs of the consumer market and responding to the implementation of national environmental protection policies is the biggest breakthrough for furniture enterprises

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