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Water based coatings have obvious advantages and are difficult to promote

water based coatings have obvious advantages and are difficult to promote

November 21, 2014

[China paint information] Why are the advantages of water-based coatings obvious but difficult to promote? In recent years, China's coating industry has developed rapidly. Since 2008, China's total output of coating has reached a record 6.38 million tons, becoming the second largest coating producer after the United States. However, the environmental protection of coating products has always been a topic of concern in the industry, which forms a sharp contrast with the rapid development of the coating industry. The development of water-based coatings in China has been tepid for nearly ten years, and the development road is slightly long, and there is a big gap with foreign water-based coatings. Recently, the water-based coating industry organization - Water-based platform, which is composed of many well-known enterprises and research institutes, was officially established, and a media volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission control seminar was held at the same time. In the future, this organization will work hard to promote the transformation of coatings, adhesives and printing inks from solvent based to water-based in the whole industry, and strongly advocate the wide use of water-based coatings. What role can water-based platforms play? The organization will learn from foreign experience in taxation, legislation, regulations, national standard formulation, policy guidance, etc., and promote the development of the industry from more channels

what are the hazards of traditional coatings? Traditional coatings use organic solvents as diluents, which contain a large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC). About 2.2 million tons of VOC are discharged into the air every year in China, which is equivalent to the sum of 1.3 billion Chinese people inhaling air for 16 consecutive hours, and is increasing at an average annual rate of 9%. Qian birong, chief engineer of CNOOC Changzhou coating Chemical Industry Research Institute, said that traditional coatings have a great impact on the atmospheric environment and human health when introducing the VOC hazards, environmental protection regulations and standards of China's coating industry. Traditional coatings use organic solvents as diluents, which contain a large number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, formaldehyde, methanol, glycol and other harmful substances, which cause harm to human body through inhalation or skin contact. When the VOC in the room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. in a short time. In serious cases, people will have convulsions, coma or even death, and will damage people's liver, kidney, brain and nervous system, resulting in serious consequences such as memory loss. The biggest feature of water-based paint is to greatly reduce the emission of harmful gases during the use of paint. The unit content of VOC of water-based wood paint is 20%, and the unit content of VOC of traditional nitrocellulose paint is 70%

at present, hundreds of thousands of tons of solvent volatilize into the atmosphere during the construction of coatings in China. According to statistics, about 2.2 million tons of VOC are emitted into the air every year in China, which is equivalent to the sum of 1.3 billion Chinese people inhaling air for 16 consecutive hours, and is increasing at an average annual rate of 9%. Data show that industrial solvents account for about 30% of the total VOC emissions, becoming one of the main emission sources, while VOC emissions from paint adhesives account for about 70% of industrial solvents. The total annual emission reaches 4million tons, which is about the total VOC emission of 60million vehicles a year. It is equivalent to the emission from burning 270 million tons of coal. Qian birong said that VOC is one of the main causes of acid fog, smoke and ground ozone. The ground ozone layer refers to the ozone in the troposphere within 10km from the ground. High concentration of ground ozone is harmful to human body. When the concentration exceeds 0.3pdmd, it will cause discomfort symptoms such as headache and chest tightness. Solvent volatilization is the third largest source of air pollution after vehicle exhaust emissions and smoke drift. Huang Yeru, doctor of science, director of the national environmental analysis and testing center of the Ministry of environmental protection, said: "the main condition for the formation of photochemical smog is the existence of VOC. Not only that, VOC has great harm to the ecological environment and human health." When introducing volatile organic compounds and their environmental protection control standards, Huang Yeru said that VOC is mostly photochemical reactive and will produce secondary pollutants

why is it difficult to promote the obvious advantages? The cost is higher than that of traditional coatings, and the unit price is twice that of traditional coatings, which hinders the promotion; Enterprises have practical difficulties in survival. Water based paint is a new type of environmental protection paint compared with traditional paint. Its environmental protection principle is to replace the diluent in traditional paint with water. Compared with traditional organic solvent based coatings, water-based coatings have three advantages. First, it is safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. The water-based wood paint is non flammable, basically odorless, and the content of VOC units is low, reducing the risk of fire and the incidence of skin diseases. Second, the performance of the paint film is good. In addition to all the properties of the traditional paint film, the water-based paint is more resistant to UV radiation, the color change difference is smaller, and the life of furniture items is longer. Third, the construction performance is good, which is equivalent in terms of dry time, construction temperature, recoating time and filling property. The non-volatile content of water-based wood paint can be as high as 50%, and that of traditional nitrocellulose paint is only 20%. Therefore, water-based coatings can effectively reduce the occupational disease incidence rate of construction personnel. Although water-based coatings have many advantages in guiding the collaborative development of upstream and downstream enterprises and products, their development has been slow since they entered the Chinese market in 1996. Li Xilin, general manager of Greater China for coatings, adhesives and special chemicals of Bayer materials technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said when talking about the main difficulties for aquatic products to survive in the Chinese market

the reason for specific analysis is that experts said that in terms of policies and regulations, the regulations and policies of the coating industry still have a relatively limited embodiment of the concept of environmental protection. At present, some regulations have been implemented, and the specimen has to bear greater external forces to increase its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process, which is far out of date; In terms of technological innovation, there are still some obstacles for many small and medium-sized coating manufacturers to master and develop water-based technologies, but these conditions have been gradually improved. More and more domestic enterprises have reached the level equivalent to foreign enterprises in the production and R & D capacity of water-based coatings; In terms of application and development, due to people's inherent concepts and the fact that many enterprises have reached a quite skilled level in the construction of solvent based coatings, many application providers have a relatively negative attitude towards the construction of water-based coatings, while the construction personnel lack awareness of the harm of solvent based coatings to human body and the environment; In terms of cost, the cost of water-based coatings is higher than that of traditional coatings, and the unit price is twice that of traditional coatings. 5. Public awareness: the general public's awareness and recognition of aquatic products and technologies are relatively low, and the investment in universal education is limited. Jia Feng, deputy director of the publicity and Education Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, said, "from the perspective of national policy makers, VOC should be controlled as an important environmental element and the corresponding environmental standards should be improved. From the perspective of Policy Governance, the reduction of VOC has become an important legal requirement." Qian birong said, "the introduction of regulations and standards will play a great role in promoting the paint enterprises in our country. Not only improve the environmental awareness of enterprises, but also, due to the requirements of the new standards, enterprises are bound to carry out technological innovation."

the water-based platform is an industry organization jointly formed by relevant domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions in the coating industry chain. So far, it has 13 member units, including Bayer materials technology, DSM life science and materials science, BASF ALTANA, oparty, Changzhou coating Chemical Research Institute, etc. At present, this organization is drawing on the experience of foreign countries in taxation, legislation, regulations, national standard formulation, policy guidance and other aspects, and is cooperating with a number of enterprises, R & D and testing institutions in the coating industry to jointly promote the development of the water-based coating industry from more channels. The person in charge of the water-based platform said to Xiang that in addition to technology and raw materials, the production of green environmental protection coatings is also closely related to the business management of enterprises, government policies and regulations, product technological innovation, education and training, as well as public participation and supervision. Because enterprises are the main body of producing green environmental protection coatings, policies and regulations are the means of regulation, technological innovation is a strong driving force, and education and training and public participation are the guarantee. Therefore, to ensure that enterprises have the power and ability to sell green environmental protection coating products, the government, industry associations, enterprises themselves, the public and other parties are also required to take corresponding measures, such as improving various rules and regulations, using economic means to limit the production of polluting products, and encouraging the development of green environmental protection coating products; Implement environmental labeling, publish authoritative certification bodies, and the standard for testing is the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 metal Charpy Notch Impact test method, which guides consumers to buy real "green environmental protection coating products"

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