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Water based coatings and UV coatings should show their strengths in the field of furniture

in the field of furniture coatings, the two hottest development directions are definitely UV curing coatings and water-based coatings. With their respective advantages, water-based coatings and UV coatings are slowly emerging in the field of furniture coatings, and will occupy the market share in the field of furniture coatings for a long time. Then who will win the furniture paint market in the future? In the final analysis, furniture paint is always to serve furniture enterprises. Only by understanding the needs of furniture enterprises can paint enterprises make more viable products

first of all, let's analyze the main problems of current furniture enterprises. The problems I mentioned here mainly focus on the problems related to paint in the production process of furniture products, and other issues such as brand, integrity, channel and so on will not be explained in detail here

1. Labor cost: today, with the furniture manufacturing industry becoming more and more prosperous, the industry competition is fierce, and the profit is getting lower and lower. How to maximize the control of the universal data testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine) to improve the cost, quality and production efficiency, In particular, how to get rid of people's dependence on the spring torsion testing machine? Introduction to the operating procedures and the degree of maintenance methods is a topic in front of every furniture enterprise

2. Efficiency: in order to receive more orders, factories compete with each other maliciously by providing personalized customized appearance and color design, and the delivery time of contract signing is getting shorter and shorter. Furniture factories have many production processes, among which the coating process is the most important. The quality and delivery cycle of furniture products will be determined by the coating process and processing speed. However, traditional coatings Pu, PE and NC all face a problem - long curing time, unable to realize flow operation, and highly dependent on the climate

3. Environmental protection: furniture environmental protection can be divided into two directions. The first is to protect the environment during furniture production, and the second is to protect the environment when consumers use it. The environmental protection mentioned here is mainly the first point. In recent years, reducing exhaust emissions and protecting the environment have become the main social issues of the government. The coating process of furniture production is an important emission source of industrial VOC (volatile organic compounds), and furniture manufacturing enterprises have become major VOC emissions. According to relevant experts, VOC emissions from furniture painting are only second to automobile exhaust emissions in terms of air pollution. The notice on the remediation of volatile compounds launched by Shenzhen to welcome the Universiade has been a good pioneer for the furniture and coating industry in the country

the above three points are the urgent problems to be solved in the furniture industry at present, which will involve whether to choose water-based paint or UV paint. At present, paint enterprises will also have such confusion. Paint enterprises want to judge which water-based paint and UV paint will occupy a larger market in the future. The advantages and disadvantages of waterborne coatings and UV coatings are analyzed from the perspective of the problems faced by furniture enterprises

labor cost problem

for furniture enterprises, if they decide to replace paint products, they must first replace the coating production line. Therefore, furniture enterprises must consider the modification cost when converting the coating production line

water based coatings are generally sprayed, and most furniture factories now also use spraying. From the perspective of equipment transformation, the cost of coating line modification caused by the use of water-based coatings will be much less. However, the use of water-based coating production line is no different from the use of PE, PU and NC in the dependence on manpower

UV coating is different from water-based coating. For example, the biggest cost of using UV coating is the replacement of early coating equipment. The price of UV coating equipment with excellent performance is relatively expensive. At present, the technology of domestic UV coating equipment is not advanced enough. Most of the equipment are from abroad, and the value ranges from millions to tens of millions. For example, a UV coating production line purchased by Shenzhen Changjiang furniture costs 10 million. But the UV coating line really realizes automation and streamlined production, so its dependence on manpower will become very low

as pointed out by chenjunde, the first author of the report, if UV paint is used, the equipment cost in the early stage will be large, but the production cost in the later stage will be reduced. If water-based coatings are used, the equipment cost investment in the early stage is relatively small, but the labor cost in the later stage has not changed much compared with the use of PE and PU


many furniture enterprises in China are mainly OEM businesses, so efficiency is profit

the coating efficiency of water-based coatings is low from the perspective of current technology. The curing of water-based coatings is greatly affected by humidity, temperature and other climates. However, the curing technology of water-based coatings has become higher and higher. At the second furniture materials exhibition held in Guangzhou in June this year, the author found that the drying technology of water-based coatings is advancing by leaps and bounds. However, the efficiency of water-based coatings is still poor compared with UV coatings. The efficiency of UV coating production line is very high because it realizes automatic and streamlined production

but here we cannot simply think that the efficiency of UV coating must be higher than that of water-based coating. If the output of furniture enterprises is very small, then the UV coating production that spends a lot of money may be "sleeping" most of the time, so the utilization rate of equipment will be very low, and its efficiency will not be high. If it is a large furniture enterprise that can saturate the UV equipment, then the high efficiency of UV coating can be really brought into play

to sum up, the use of water-based or UV cannot completely determine the efficiency of furniture enterprises. It is necessary to decide whether to use water-based or UV according to the actual situation of furniture enterprises

environmental protection

environmental protection is a constant theme in the world. The Chinese government has also paid more and more attention to environmental protection. Furniture enterprises must comply with the needs of the times in order to seek development

the environmental protection performance of water-based furniture coatings is undoubtedly the best of all furniture coatings at present, because it uses water as a solvent, non-toxic, environmental friendly, odorless, with few volatile substances, non combustible and non explosive and other excellent properties. UV curing coating is a high solid content coating, which contains very few solvents and has very little environmental pollution. At present, powder UV and water-based UV are still being developed, and UV will truly realize zero volatilization at that time

to sum up, the environmental protection performance of water-based and UV is excellent. No matter which product can meet the current environmental protection needs

from the above three points of analysis, it is not difficult to see that from the current point of view, the two obviously coexist, and coexist for a long time. Both UV and water have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages will not be replaced in a short time, and the disadvantages will not be made up in a short time. In the exhibition hall of Shenzhen Changjiang furniture in June this year, the office furniture with the combination of UV technology and water-based technology is refreshing. Changjiang's strategy is to use UV paint in the plane and places with high requirements for film performance, use water-based paint in irregular corners and places with low requirements for film performance, or use UV water-based surface and PE bottom water-based surface, which not only saves costs but also improves efficiency. Therefore, water-based furniture coatings and water-based furniture coatings should show their strengths, promote each other and develop together

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