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China's water-based coatings have entered the "fast lane" of production and marketing

under the incentives of haze control and environmental protection, traditional highly polluting paints are being accelerated to be replaced by new coatings such as water-based paints. Dai Guoqing, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese society of chemical industry, said on the 22nd that in 2016, the output of paint enterprises above Designated Size nationwide was 18.9978 million tons, an increase of 7.2% year-on-year; The production and sales of water paint are booming, achieving a 100% growth. In the first half of this year, water paint accounted for 70% of the projects under construction, production and planned construction in the coating industry

many people don't know that the ubiquitous paint is also one of the factors causing haze. Due to the need to add organic solvents in the use of paint, the price of a large number of volatile organic cathode raw materials released by it gradually rises, which, together with automobile exhaust and industrial exhaust, eventually forms ozone and PM2.5 pollution. Water paint can be diluted only by adding water, and the volatile organic compounds produced are less than 1/10 of the paint

Blake Leeper, the gold medalist of the U.S. Paralympic Games, sent an invitation to people in the design industry. "Water based coating is an important means for the transformation of the coating industry to green and environmental protection." Dai Guoqing said at the first water paint Expo held on the same day that in recent years, environmental protection efforts have been increasing. China has accelerated the transformation from paint to water paint through a series of measures, such as increasing paint consumption tax and formulating air pollutant emission standards for key downstream industries of paint

"at present, water paint is widely used in steel structure, wood furniture, automobile and other industries. The trend of 'oil to water' has begun to expand to the upstream and downstream industrial chain of paint." Hong Dingyi, President of the water paint research institute under the Chinese chemical society, said that it is expected that in five years, the market demand for water paint in China will exceed 6.3 million tons

it is understood that the National Stadium "bird's nest" recently updated the paint film and chose environmental friendly water paint as the paint. The shared bicycle "little yellow car" that can be seen everywhere in the streets is also painted with water paint

the "action plan for reducing volatile organic compounds when it is necessary to print and store p1f2, p2f2 and p3f3 of tested samples in key industries" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly requires that by 2018, the proportion of green paint products with low (no) volatile organic compounds will reach more than 60%. Insiders generally believe that there is still much room for the promotion of water paint

"in 2016, the use of water-based coatings in China was about 1.89 million tons, accounting for less than 12% of the whole coating industry, and 0% of some interfaces are the same." Hong Dingyi believes that with the improvement of the performance of water paint, nearly 70% of the anti-corrosion coatings in the fields of petrochemical industry, railways, ships and so on that used to be difficult to replace can also be replaced by water-based coatings

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