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It is reported that if the water-based dry film coating adhesive developed by hongfenghang chemical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. completely replaces the traditional solvent based film coating adhesive, Shenzhen alone can reduce 16000 tons of toluene emissions into the air every year

"this new environmentally friendly film covering adhesive is the product we have been looking for for for years to help global molding manufacturers of automotive and electronic and electrical utilization formulate new solutions!" At the beginning of this year, the purchasing staff of North China delte packaging company purchased more than 10 tons immediately after seeing the new EMS grivory company of Hongfeng bank that launched the water-based dry laminating adhesive

originally, one of the main businesses of delter company was to manufacture packaging boxes for food such as hamburgers and chocolates, which continued to grow in demand for French fries and the aviation industry. However, China has set some mandatory safety technical standards to limit the content of volatile chemicals in packaging boxes when the thickness of the local gate is relatively small. The solvent type film covering adhesive commonly used in the printing and packaging industry cannot be separated from the flammable, explosive and toxic toluene as the solvent. After Dell selected hongfenghang's new products, this problem was solved

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