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The water-based high-temperature antirust coating passed the appraisal

the water-based high-temperature antirust coating of the water supply system of the humidification system should be checked at this time. The rust coating passed the appraisal

April 23, 2004

the "water-based high-temperature antirust coating" is a key scientific and technological research project in Henan Province jointly undertaken by Zhengzhou daji'nan gold testing horizontal tensile testing machine, the survey and Design Institute of Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau and the survey and Design Institute of Xinjiang Petroleum Administration, Recently passed the appraisal

the coating is made by using interpenetrating polymer and nano surface treatment technology, taking the chemical modification of inorganic silicate and organic polymer as the main film-forming material, adding nano materials Fe2O3, titanium dioxide, SiO2, high-temperature chemical antirust pigments, fillers, etc., and using water as solvent through special dispersion and grinding treatment. It has the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature and low temperature resistance (0 ℃ to 360 ℃), no cracking, good impact and flexibility, strong adhesion, acid/alkali resistance, flat film and no sagging. It can be brushed, dipped and roller coated. The anti-corrosion construction of ordinary overhead thermal pipelines can be sprayed, which meets or even exceeds the requirements of solvent based coating buried anti-corrosion technology plasticomp, which combines continuous glass fiber and carbon fiber filaments in one index. The load thermal deformation temperature is up to 260 ℃, and it has been applied to the buried thermal pipeline of heavy oil in Karamay Oilfield, with excellent anti-corrosion effect, creating a precedent for the successful application of water-based industrial coatings in the anti-corrosion field of buried pipelines in China. Experts believe that this coating can replace solvent based anti-corrosion coatings in many fields, and has considerable market potential, so it should be popularized and applied faster

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