The hottest water-based ink encounters technical b

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The manufacturer of large-scale experimental machine inks of water-based Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. encountered technical barriers

after more than 10 years of technical improvement, the demand for extruders has also increased. The ink system has successfully solved most of the original difficulties, such as difficult to use, such as organic compounds with specific groups in some parts of the company with good reputation, some inorganic metal materials and their compounds Some mineral and natural materials, storage of inks, limitations of substrates, corona treatment and surface tension. However, at present, some technical problems of water-based ink have not been solved, which hinders its further expansion. The drying time is still the most important problem in the application of ink. Unless the printing machine is equipped with sufficient drying equipment, the printing speed will be affected. In addition, due to the solubility of ink in alkaline solution, the application of ink in high magnetic environment is limited. The application of ink in frozen food packaging still does not have the resistance of solvent ink. Although the distance is rapidly shortened, the high surface free energy of water components in ink makes it difficult for ink to be well wetted and printed on many substrates

at present, the main application fields of environmental friendly water-based inks are flexographic printing and gravure printing. 95% of flexographic printing and 80% of gravure printing in the United States use ink. Flexographic printing is still in its infancy in China, accounting for only about 3% of the printing field at present

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