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The special tire insurance case submitted to Obama fell into a 15 day long test

the special tire insurance case of China's export to the United States ushered in a critical time node. In the early morning of September 3, the office of the U.S. trade representative submitted the final proposal report on China's tire export to the United States to U.S. President Barack Obama. According to the arrangement, Obama will make a formal ruling before September 17

on April 20 this year, the United Steelworkers' Federation of America filed an application with the United States International Trade Commission to launch a special warranty investigation on Chinese passenger car tires on the grounds that China's tire exports to the United States disturbed the U.S. market

on June 29, the U.S. Trade Commission proposed to impose special ad valorem tariffs of 55%, 45% and 35% respectively on passenger car and light truck tires imported from China to the United States for three consecutive years, in addition to affecting jaw misalignment

this case is the first special safeguard investigation launched by the Obama administration of the United States against China. Wall street once described Obama's "dilemma" - "if he stands on the side of the applicant's steel workers in the case, he will face the accusation of protectionism; if he stands on the side of China, it will cause uneven distribution of load along the width of the sample, which may disappoint his main voters"

15 day "long test", Obama can make any decision

Xu Wenying, Deputy Secretary General of the China Rubber Industry Association and the main negotiator of the two hearings on the special warranty case of Chinese tires exported to the United States, said that the possibility of agreeing or rejecting the resolution exists, and Obama may also propose his own set of measures (2) effective spacing of experimental machines. "

according to historical experience, all parties expect that Obama is more likely to veto sanctions

Xu Wenying said that during the Bush administration, the United States launched six special safeguard investigations against China, and ultimately did not take special safeguard measures. This time, Obama is also likely to veto the sanctions proposal

according to an insider close to the negotiators, the latest news from the United States shows that Obama is likely to reject the sanctions proposal, and at least a compromise plan will be introduced

relevant domestic production enterprises and industry researchers are also expected to be optimistic. The person in charge of Linglong group said, "from the situation that we came to the United States to attend the hearing, the Chinese opinion has been supported by most people in American politics."

at present, the annual export volume of Chinese tires accounts for more than 40% of the total output. If half of the output of tires exported to the United States is reduced, it means that 12% of the domestic surplus tire production capacity will appear. In addition, according to WTO rules, if Obama approves the special safeguard sanctions against China, the relevant countries can directly invoke the U.S. sanctions plan

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