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[Beijing auto show] tire man, your peers are abandoning you

[Beijing auto show] tire man, your peers are abandoning you

It goes without saying that you are counting down at the moment. When the load can no longer rise, wait for the arrival of the May Day holiday.

say a word,

have you planned the trip

has the ticket been booked

have you bought the tickets

where to

of course - Beijing auto show

on April 27, 2018 (the 15th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition kicked off at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The exhibition will last until May 4, throughout the whole small holiday. It must be a holiday punch in destination for many tire people

the theme of this auto show is "defining a new life for cars". Automobile manufacturers all over the world have brought the most cutting-edge ideas, technologies and innovative products, and various Amazing Black technologies emerge in endlessly. In this era of rapid change, we won't discuss whether peers abandon you first, but if you don't want to make progress, your peers will abandon you! When some tire manufacturers are still thinking about how to win the competition with price, some brands have preempted the supporting concept cars to occupy the future market. Today, China tire business () takes you on a time trip to see which major brands of tires have won the favor of concept cars and first-time cars


more than a dozen concept cars and first-time cars all choose MAGGIS tires, which shows its charm

Chevrolet concept car Chevrolet fnr-x

Great Wall Euler R2 concept car

irezer GX global debut

Ruihu 8

Na Zhi Jie U5 automatic completion experiment SUV flying young version


century old tire brand Dunlop has been at the forefront of technology relying on innovative technology, and has received the recognition of many high-end car enterprises

Infiniti concept car

Lexus es260


in 2017, Jiatong was equipped with more than 260 passenger models and more than 400 commercial tires, which attracted much attention

SAIC Maxus concept car

sol concept car

Zhongtai new concept car


tire giant Michelin is undoubtedly sought after by many car companies

Volkswagen concept car

Hongqi H5


in recent years, Goodyear has continuously innovated in the field of intelligence and green environmental protection. The industrial utilization of pangolin wire rod includes: bracket, gear and protective cover. For the future travel concept, it can be said to be at the forefront of the industry

Jaguar new energy vehicle


for the future market, Bridgestone, which has always regarded "environmental protection" as an important topic, has won the trust of more and more customers with its complete service system

Nissan concept car


Pirelli, which is famous for its durability and safety, has always been the original matching tire designated by famous automobile brands such as Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. this time, it conquered the domestic big brother red flag and matched its new concept car

Hongqi e · Jing GT concept car

race wheel

the highlight of this auto show is the appearance of the new Mercedes Maybach concept car, which is fully known as the "ultimate luxury concept car" (the ultimate luxury concept car) ", with a luxurious positioning, but what is more remarkable is that its supporting tires give up major international brands and choose race wheel tires. Domestic brands are really proud in the medium and high-end market

new Mercedes Maybach concept car


Korean tire brand nexen has gradually occupied the market in recent years with good performance, and its figure can be seen everywhere in this auto show

BAIC EX3 pure electric concept car

Beijing Hyundai new Yuedong RV

it is reported that a total of 105 first cars in the world were exhibited at the Beijing auto show. Sorry for not listing them one by one. Which other concept cars and first cars have left a profound impact on you? Welcome to leave a message

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