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The special tire protection case affected Xiamen tires to stop selling to the United States

the WTO ruled that the special tire protection measures taken by the United States against China were not illegal

just as the new year is approaching, Xiamen tire enterprises have ushered in bad news. On Monday, the WTO Dispute Settlement Body ruled that the imposition of punitive tariffs by the United States on tires imported from China did not violate relevant regulations, and China lost the case in the case of special protection of tires imported from the United States

a recent investigation found that Xiamen tire enterprises have almost stopped exporting to the United States due to the "special insurance case of exporting tires to the United States"

the Ministry of Commerce said it would appeal

the export of tires to the United States was once one of the businesses of the import and Export Department of Xiamen Construction and Development Corporation, with an annual export volume of several million dollars. However, since the United States imposed punitive tariffs last September, Xiamen Jianfa has suspended this export business

on September 11, 2009, US President Barack Obama announced a three-year punitive tariff of up to 35% on tires imported from China, involving some car and light truck tires imported from China. The reason is that a large number of imported tires from China have damaged the interests of local tire enterprises

following the "special protection case" of American tires, operators in Brazil, India and other countries should pay attention to the maintenance of various components of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system. More than a dozen countries have also encountered difficulties one after another, and China's tire exports have been seriously hindered

on September 14, 2009, the Chinese government officially launched the WTO dispute settlement procedure against the United States' special safeguard measures restricting the import of Chinese tires. The United States proposed that the number of imported tires in China increased rapidly from 2004 to 2008, resulting in a decline in the output of the U.S. tire industry and the loss of jobs. The WTO ruling holds that this statement is true

according to the regulations, China and the United States can appeal this ruling within 60 days. The Ministry of Commerce of China said on the 14th of this month that the special safeguard measures taken by the United States for Chinese tires are trade measures taken to transfer domestic political pressure, which is a subject that is permanently in front of us and easy to protectionist measures. Facts have proved that the special safeguard measures are neither in the interests of China nor in the interests of the United States. China will appeal at an appropriate time to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of China's tire industry to the greatest extent

Xiamen enterprises have suspended exports to the United States

as the first case of special safeguard dispute settlement since the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) for more than 60 years, the Sino US tire dispute has been widely concerned by the Chinese tire industry, including Xiamen enterprises

"after the United States imposed punitive tariffs on tires imported from China and with enough room, it once caused a deep shock to the entire industry in China." According to insiders in Xiamen, some Fujian tire enterprises have suffered heavy losses. "There is a tire enterprise in Putian, with 60% to 70% of its products exported to the United States. Now this Putian enterprise is in danger."

"relatively speaking, the 'special tire warranty case' has little impact on Xiamen enterprises." Lin Fushan, chairman of the rubber branch of the Xiamen plastics and rubber chamber of Commerce, said yesterday that in the tire trade with the United States, the export volume of Jianfa is relatively large in Xiamen, but the annual export volume of just a few million dollars is negligible in the total import and export trade volume of Jianfa

according to the large and small tires of Xiamen Zhengxin construction and the labor intensity of fixture operation, Zhengxin is mainly exported to the European Union and is not affected by this special insurance case

"in fact, this news has been digested in advance, and now it has basically no impact on the whole industry." Zhaoyongliang, a rubber investment consultant of Xiamen plastics and rubber chamber of Commerce, analyzed that at present, the domestic automobile market is booming, and the demand for tires is increasing. Many originally export-oriented tire enterprises have changed their domestic trade, especially after the "American tire warranty case"

"in the past two years, the price of tires has been rising, and there has been no reduction in the middle." Zhao Yongliang testified

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