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The next generation of automotive safety system sensors is expected to be an integrated sensor system, which uses common signals to operate multiple systems

due to the hidden danger of tire burst, Preston announced the recall of 6.5 million tires assembled on Ford's SUV in August 2000. This incident has prompted the U.S. government to legislate that every light-duty vehicle leaving the factory since September 2007 must be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). In addition, the United States also announced that by 2012, all new cars must use anti rollover "electronic stability control technology" to reduce the number of deaths caused by vehicle rollover every year

according to statistics, about 1.17 million people worldwide die from road accidents every year, and more than 10million people are injured or disabled. Although only the United States has adopted legal means to enforce the promotion, how to effectively improve the performance of vehicle safety systems has long become the most concerned topic of global vehicle module and vehicle manufacturers. According to market research firm bckresearch, the global automotive sensor market will grow from $8billion in 2007 to $13.5 billion in 2012, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.8%. Among them, the demand for enhancing vehicle safety performance will strongly promote the continuous growth of MEMS sensor market

airbag triggering control in collision protection

at present, one of the most common applications in automotive safety system is to trigger airbag by using high g-value MEMS acceleration sensor. When the vehicle collides with an obstacle, the safety of the passengers depends on the timely deployment of the airbag and the provision of appropriate cushioning force towards the passengers. Using the high integration ability and accuracy of MEMS accelerometers, we can define a more complex airbag system architecture, so as to replace many electromechanical impact sensor systems and provide more advanced safety protection for the vehicle

assimakopoulos: the actual process of Fab large-scale production should be considered in the development of MEMS equipment, which is the key factor to obtain high yield

angeloassimakopoulos, senior director of new business development at knowlesacoustics, said: "MEMS acceleration sensors and gyroscopes are products in great demand in the market. More sensors are installed in cars to detect the impact force from all angles of the carriage. The digital display spring testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional testing machine manufacturer. According to the technical requirements specified in the national spring tension and compression testing machine standard, the tension spring, compression spring, disc spring, tower spring, leaf spring, snap spring, leaf spring, composite spring, gas spring and mold Testing and analyzing the physical properties of tension, pressure, displacement and stiffness of precision springs such as springs and anisotropic springs can make airbag triggering more effective. This can improve the control of the airbag. If it is triggered properly, it can ensure the safety of passengers in the car to the greatest extent. "

on this basis, measurementspecialities also launched a new tension sensor using a unique micro melting technology to further control the degree of airbag release by detecting the tension of the safety belt. Chen Zhen, the marketing director of the company's China marketing and sales department, believes that this will be the trend of the new generation of vehicle seat belt control. In addition, the acceleration sensor of precision electronic aluminum alloy window GB 8479 ⑵ 003 adopts micro damping mase technology to avoid the noise interference of undamped acceleration sensor and the distortion of sampling wave pattern caused by general damping filtering, which can provide more reliable data for vehicle safety crash and dummy test, so it is also widely used in vehicle safety crash test

active safety system improves driving stability

generally speaking, vehicle active safety systems involving body control include: vehicle rollover control, vehicle anti-skid stability control, anti lock system, parking brake, tire pressure monitoring, suspension adaptive adjustment to vehicle and road conditions, and MEMS sensors play a major role in the active safety system. Because of their small size and high reliability, these sensors can be installed on the vehicle frame and suspension to monitor the relative position between the vehicle and the ground, allow the vehicle to adjust the suspension and provide maximum stability when the vehicle suddenly turns, the weather is bad or the road is uneven

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is an important application field of MEMS sensors. The system measures the yaw rate of the vehicle through the angle sensor and compares it with the current parameters such as steering angle and speed. It can detect the driving conditions such as oversteer or understeer. It can monitor the rolling effect of the vehicle during emergencies such as turning or sudden steering, so that the vehicle suspension can be adjusted, In order to maintain the control of body stability and achieve the purpose of anti rollover

Chen Zhen: reducing product costs by expanding market share is our biggest challenge

at present, precision electronics can provide a series of magnetoresistive sensors such as non-contact continuous fuel level sensor, throttle position sensor, steering wheel angle sensor, etc. Chen Zhen, marketing director of the company's China marketing and sales department, said that using the non-contact measurement technology of magnetoresistive sensor to replace the traditional sliding potentiometer technology is the development trend of automotive angle position sensor. The company has also recently launched a micro power consumption air pressure sensor, which has digital compensation, amplification processing, digital output, data transmission of 15 bits, with a maximum accuracy of 0.05%, and dynamic maximum power consumption of only 1uA, which is very suitable for tire pressure detection applications

new players and new applications emerge in endlessly

compared with consumer electronics, the automotive electronics market has a longer life cycle, greater profit space and more stable shipments. Therefore, although the threshold is also higher, it still attracts many new entrants from the consumer electronics market. St Asia Pacific simulation Patrickboulaud, director of power and MEMS business unit, said: "Automotive electronics application is our key market in 2008. St cooperates with many European auto manufacturers and has a good understanding of the automotive electronics market. As a derivative application with a systematic scheme based on the size of the sample, our new generation of acceleration sensors will fully comply with aec-q100 and other international standard certification, fully ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices in automotive applications, and moving towards 0ppm (zero defect) To achieve our goals. " It is understood that there are samples of this new product at present, and it is expected to be available in batch in the third quarter of this year. In addition, St plans to launch pressure sensor products for oil volume control and other applications in the future

he also stressed: "ST's MEMS sensors have accumulated rich experience in the consumer electronics market, and the process is very mature. We have good ASIC design and development capabilities, and the progress of yield and reliability is also very rapid. St is full of confidence in entering the automotive electronics market."

at the same time, the leaders who have been deeply involved in the automotive electronics market for a long time are also constantly expanding new applications of sensors. Many traffic accidents occur every year due to the fogging of the front windshield of the car. Precision electronics provides a special anti fogging sensor for this purpose, which can accurately control the fogging of the windshield through the detection of the windshield temperature and the dew point of the car body. It is reported that this product has been adopted by the vast majority of medium and high barrier cars in the world

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