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There is huge room for the development of the tire industry to improve quality and break through

China is the world's largest tire manufacturer of hydraulic universal testing machine, a hydraulic material testing machine that can carry out stretching, tightening and zigzag experiments. Its output accounts for about 1/3 of the world's total output, and its production capacity is still growing. According to relevant research, as the world tire manufacturing center shifts to the Asian market led by China, it is expected that China's tire manufacturing industry will continue to maintain a rapid growth rate in the next few years

in addition, according to the report released by the China Automotive Market Index Research Institute, the Chinese auto market will consolidate at 18million units in 2011, and the auto market will return to a normal growth of 6% - 8% in 2012. The sales volume is expected to be about 20million units. Based on this, the tire branch preliminarily predicted that the total number of tires in China in 2012 was about 483million, an increase of 5% - 7% over the previous year; Among them, the production of radial tires was about 432million, an increase of 8% - 9%, and the meridian rate was about 89%

the good market prospect gives China's tire industry more room for development. However, China's tire enterprises are also facing great challenges. In recent years, more and more trade and technical barriers, such as the U.S. special safeguard case, EU noise certification, anti-dumping investigations, have blocked the export of tires, testing the ability of enterprises to adapt to the market and technological innovation

it is understood that at present, the main gap between China's tire manufacturing industry and foreign industries is that the technology and process level of China's tire manufacturing industry is low, and the meridian rate is only 20%, while the meridian rate in developed countries has exceeded 90%, or even 100%

therefore, enterprises in the tire industry should combine the actual situation of enterprises in the tire industry, maintain the steady and moderate development of tires, change from pursuing quantity to focusing on quality, maintain the basic stability of rubber raw materials and tire prices, and make new breakthroughs in tire 411.9 independent technological innovation

the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association put forward suggestions to encourage the combination of production, learning, research and application, give full play to the leading role of the national tire engineering technology research and development center, speed up the construction of national comprehensive tire testing ground, and provide a platform for industrial enterprises to systematically carry out tire basic research and major technology project research and development

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