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The world's largest tire was born, made in China! Recently, Xiaobang learned that Sailun group received the "letter of acceptance" from China Shenhua International Engineering Co., Ltd. and became the bid winner of the "mt5500 mining truck 59/80r63 tire development and application" project, which is currently the world's largest tire

it is reported that "mt5500 mining truck 59/80r63 tire development and application" is a scientific and technological innovation project of the national energy group. The project is developed and trial produced by Sailun group, and jointly invested and developed with the national energy group Shenhua Jungar energy company harwusu open pit coal mine. After the tire is successfully developed, priority will be given to supplying Shenhua Group

mt5500 mining truck is currently loaded in the world. How to control the color difference of injection molded products? The deadweight of the largest mining truck is more than 200 tons, and the total weight after loading is about 550 tons. The strong load is particularly demanding for tires. It not only has high technical standards in cutting resistance, strong wear resistance, impact resistance and so on, but also puts forward higher requirements for the formula in terms of heat dissipation, prick resistance and high TKPH

oversized giant tires have always been prohibitive to tire enterprises due to their extremely high technical difficulties. The domestic large-scale mining giant tire market has long been occupied by foreign tire manufacturers. The conclusion of the strategic cooperation between Sailun group and China Shenhua marks that Sailun has broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises on the high-end super giant engineering radial tire, which often uses 1000 (5) 000n tensile testing machine

technology research and development

the round insists on taking technology research and development as the first driving force to lead the development of enterprises. It has invested heavily in establishing research and development centers in Qingdao, Vietnam, Europe and Canada, forming a global research and development system, and has the independent development ability of the whole process from market research, product planning, partner research and development, structural design to product verification and testing

at present, Sailun group has more than 200 patents, more than 10 software copyrights, 85 national and industrial standards, door and cover handling convenience, and has undertaken more than 10 scientific and technological innovation platforms, such as the "National Engineering Laboratory for advanced tire equipment and key materials", "national and local joint engineering Research Center for the application of giant engineering radial tires and new materials"

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