The hottest tires cannot be upgraded rashly, let a

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Tyres cannot be upgraded rashly, let alone mixed

for general tire upgrading, we recommend replacing tires with the same specification but higher grade as the original matching tires, such as using tires with higher speed grade, or choosing pattern models that pay more attention to performance. The performance improvement of the whole vehicle brought by them is impossible for the original tires

1. Correct upgrading of tires tires

upgrading and refitting tires are two different ways to improve. First, let's talk about tire upgrading

once the tire upgrade is completed, it will produce 300000 tons of biological composite materials and 3D printing materials per year. Generally, it refers to selecting higher grade or higher performance tires with the original rims and keeping the tire size unchanged

on the surface, the upgrading of tires seems to be relatively simple. It's OK to buy four new tires of the same specification. In fact, we should pay attention to brand selection, product series, patterns and other models, otherwise we may not be able to buy the desired effect with money

to upgrade tires, first of all, you need to clarify your own needs, whether to improve vehicle performance, reduce heat deformation, and center the device to reduce fuel consumption, or to be quiet and comfortable. Only when you have your own preferences can you choose the product you want

2. Don't "mix and match" upgraded tires.

when upgrading tires, be sure to keep the four tires consistent. Pay attention to choosing tires with the same pattern to ensure that the upgraded tires can be used safely. If the wear degree, structure and specification of the tire are inconsistent, it will not only affect the service life of the tire, but also lead to inconsistent driving and braking resistance of the car. When the car needs emergency braking at high speed, the different resistance of the tire will cause uneven stress on the four wheels, which is very easy to cause the vehicle out of control and lead to traffic accidents. So remember to choose tires with the same pattern, which is the correct upgrade method

3. About the correct modification of tires

there are two principles:

1 Try to keep the original wheel diameter unchanged. If the rim is upgraded from 17 inches to 18 inches, the flat ratio of the tire will be reduced (and be careful to put the piston in, that is, the tire wall will become thinner). If the wheel diameter does change in size, it can not only output the tip pulse instantaneously, but also control the error value within 3%, so as not to affect the original transmission torque design

2. You can refer to the size changes of the tires and rims of the original high configuration vehicles for upgrading: automobile manufacturers generally use larger rims and tires on the high configuration vehicles of the same vehicle

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