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Jinhu tire, a "thinking" tire, finally apologized and announced the recall of all illegal products. A week after being exposed at the CCTV 3.15 party, Jinhu tire finally bowed its head and conceded defeat, but is this a victory for consumer rights? After reading its three-point statement, I'm afraid it's hard to agree with this. In fact, how to start the recall is not specifically stated in the statement of Jinhu tire, and which tires are recalled are also vague in its statement

as one of the top ten tire enterprises in the world, it provides supporting tires for many automobile manufacturers, including Beijing Hyundai, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, Dongfeng Peugeot, Great Wall Motors, general motors and so on. It is the tire brand with the largest market share in China's domestic supporting market. The performance of Jinhu tire and its position in the Jianghu add merican millad? Polypropylene with nxtm8000 transparent agent can become transparent and transparent, which is not consistent

in fact, there have always been complaints about Jinhu tires, which can be traced back to a few years ago, because many owners of Jinhu tires have found that the tires have bulges, punctures, cracks and other problems after use, so why do we start the recall procedure now? It was after the CCTV 3.15 party that Jinhu tire still released a message on its official Weibo, insisting that the report was "inaccurate": "the operation process of the original piece of rubber needs to be performed in strict accordance with the operating specifications, and the addition proportion of the returned rubber is calculated according to the weight, not the intuitive quantity proportion."

why did the attitude of Jinhu tire change 180 degrees? In my opinion, it is a tire that can "think". It is weighing the pros and cons. Finally, under the great pressure of public opinion, it has to lay down its body to win the recognition of consumers, and the three dismissed managers are actually scapegoats

it is the external force that makes the thought of Jinhu tire turn, rather than its own spontaneous awareness. Think of a recent absurd film "rubber tire", the protagonist of which is a tire, a rubber tire that is not ordinary. First of all, it has life. 2. How to use the concrete pressure testing machine and call yourself Robert; Secondly, it has great dreams and wisdom. It has learned telepathic superpowers that can instantly explode any animal, including human beings...

film is a low-cost production. What is interesting is its idea, and the low-cost idea of Jinhu tire seems to be the same as it. And the hidden dangers of its tires are the same. Think about it. When you use such tires to run on the highway, it makes people shudder

as a consumable for automobile to realize the valuation of listed companies and repair car accessories, Jinhu tire apologized and announced the recall, which has its own positive significance, but we can't be too optimistic about it

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