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The tire industry has set off a wave of green technology

tire fuel consumption accounts for 20% - 30% of automobile fuel consumption, and is an important part of low-carbon energy conservation in the automotive industry. Relying on technological progress, adopting new materials, new processes and new formulas to further reduce the rolling resistance of tires and achieve green tires has become a major goal for the future development of the tire industry. This is the information obtained at the green concept, low carbon economy, 2010 China tire technology forum held by the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association from July 7 to 8

fan Rende, President of China Rubber Association, said that fuel-efficient, environmental friendly and safe tires have become the mainstream trend of automotive tire development. Although China is the world's largest tire producer, there is still a gap in technology compared with the world's famous tire companies, and the phenomenon of product homogenization is still relatively common. In particular, the European Union, the United States and Japan have made stricter regulations on the fuel efficiency of tires, which means that higher standards have been put forward for the performance of tires. China's tire enterprises can only meet this requirement by developing energy-saving and environmental friendly tires with low rolling resistance

according to Cai Weimin, Secretary General of the tire branch, reducing the rolling resistance of tires by 20% can save fuel by 2%~4%, increase the mileage of tires by 35%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4 grams per kilometer, and save 23 liters of fuel per vehicle per year. Without changing the body, only using green tires can achieve better emission reduction targets. Therefore, the realization of green tire industry will contribute to the development of low-carbon economy in China

Cai Weimin believes that China's tire industry should integrate resources, carry out extensive industry university research cooperation, and innovate from the source of product design: in terms of tire shape design and tread pattern development, improve design and improve product grade; In terms of new materials, we should strengthen the research on natural rubber, Eucommia glue, synthetic rubber and framework materials, and pay attention to environmental friendly, lightweight and recyclable materials. 3. Research, development and application according to the use of machines and the service life of oil; In terms of technology and equipment, we should develop from single machine design and manufacturing to overall linkage devices, especially accelerate the R & D and manufacturing of testing equipment and the construction of tire test sites; Adopt green environmental protection additives to support the research, development and application of new materials such as special carbon black and white carbon black

at present, major domestic tire enterprises have also realized the importance of low-carbon economy for enterprise development. For example, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber company invested 80million yuan in the development and manufacturing of green tires last year; Triangle tire company proposed that green tire products will reach more than 70% in the next three years; Through a series of technological innovation and transformation, South China rubber tire company can start from one production line and significantly reduce energy consumption; Aeolus Tire Co., Ltd. developed low roll tires, showing a good development situation, and improved the retreadability of tires; Shuangqian Co., Ltd. actively develops new nitrogen vulcanization processes for all steel radial tires

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