The hottest tire pressure in China does not reduce

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China's tire pressure does not reduce the losses of some enterprises

a few days ago, the United States ruled that there was no threat to truck and bus tires from China and would not impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties

after the news of the victory of the "double anti" lawsuit came, domestic enterprises have "rolled up their sleeves" to prepare for a big fight

a large number of enterprises such as Zhongce Rubber, Fengshen tire and Wanxin tire said that they were ready to receive orders from the United States after the above preliminary accuracy correction of the experimental machine and then immersing its toes in the additive manufacturing pool

however, the above-mentioned professionals said that at present, China's tire production capacity is still in a state of excess, and the export competition is fierce. It will not stop because of the victory of the "double anti" lawsuit

in addition, the recent price rise has further weakened the price advantage of Chinese tires

according to the common faults in the tire world 3: solution, with the rising price of products, the competitive pressure of tire exporters is increasing

an exporter of a tire enterprise said that at present, the price of China's exported tire products has been close to the international second-line brands in North America, and is basically the same as the second-line brands of first-line brands in Europe

previously, at the last defense hearing of the "double reverse" of truck and bus tires, one of the important views of China was that the price of tires continued to rise, and the products could not be refurbished many times, which did not constitute direct competition with American products

without the price advantage, the competitiveness of Chinese tires will be greatly reduced

in addition, the price of raw materials rose sharply, and a large number of domestic tire enterprises were on the edge of loss due to the sharp increase in cost pressure

enterprises can't bear the heavy burden of costs

not long ago, a domestic tire enterprise announced that its operation was in a state of continuous loss due to the continuous sharp increase in tire production costs

although the sales price of domestic tires has increased for several rounds, it has always been unable to catch up with the increase of raw materials. Compared with the increase of tire price, the purchase cost of raw materials increased more

the above-mentioned enterprises said that in just two months, the price of all materials used in tire production, from rubber, rose as high as 80% to 200%

the tire world understands that there are many tire enterprises with the same problems in China. Obviously, the sharp increase in costs has brought business crisis to many tire enterprises

an executive of a tire company in Shandong told the tire world that at present, small and medium-sized tire enterprises are "very uncomfortable" because the growth of tires can not keep up with the growth rate of raw materials

he said, "it's a dilemma that the increase is not competitive, and the decrease is serious."

according to tire world observation, the price rise of tire enterprises is still continuing, and the foreign trade export market is not immune

according to the published price increase notice, in March and April, a number of tire companies plan to raise prices, including many well-known brands at home and abroad

some market analysts said that in the raw material market, although the rubber price temporarily corrected, the prices of carbon black, steel cord and other products are still in the rising channel, and the cost pressure of tire enterprises is difficult to effectively improve in the short term

a person from a tire enterprise in Shandong said that we have developed a large stroke universal experimental machine. Its experimental space span is 1.6m × 1.6m, many export enterprises always love to fight price wars, but this is a dead cycle and has no future

he believes that the victory of this "double reverse" is an opportunity for Chinese tires, and it is time for enterprises to rely on brand and quality to win

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