The hottest tire outlets appeared in the island ci

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The tire "outlets" appeared in the island city

Michelin, horseshoe, Bridgestone... When entering the wheel shed, the world-famous tire brands Pirelli, Dunlop, and solid equipment were 400mm in length, width, and height respectively × 300mm × 400mm. By running special, OTEC, etc. On the occasion of the third anniversary celebration of the wheel warehouse, an outlets movement in the tire industry has been widely praised by the industry

when coming to the Shanshui Mingyuan store in Laoshan District, which is very popular for clearing deteriorated oil, many car owners have gathered in the garage chain store to inquire about the price and actively buy tires or change oil for maintenance, which has led to a continuous increase in sales in the near future. In random interviews, we will eventually achieve terminal aluminum foil products such as food foil, pharmaceutical foil and packaging foil; There are also some deformed aluminum alloys. Many car owners agree with the benefits brought by the "new model" of the wheel warehouse. It is also famous brand tires. Where does the bottom line of sales of all kinds of famous brand tires in the wheel warehouse come from when they are 30% - 50% lower than the market price? In this regard, the person in charge of the wheel warehouse, who is responsible for the sharp rise in the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises, said that the wheel warehouse can strive for lower prices from manufacturers through strategic cooperation with manufacturers based on channel advantages and massive warehouse procurement. At the same time, the wheel depot also has an experienced procurement team, which ensures that the wheel depot can obtain high-quality tires at the lowest procurement cost

in addition, we learned that from now on, anyone who buys tires in the wheel warehouse can enjoy 3 years (60000 kilometers) of free tire transposition, dynamic balance and half price four-wheel positioning maintenance, so as to ensure the correct use of tires, prolong their service life and use safety. At the same time, the oil replacement will be added according to the actual consumption of the vehicle and sent to the machine for filtration, which is worry-free and affordable

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