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Sinotruk Guowu emission Haoman new car is about to be delivered to users

sinotruk Guowu emission Haoman new car is about to be delivered to users

China Construction machinery information

not long ago, sinotruk Fujian Haixi Automobile Co., Ltd. developed a Haoman Guowu emission muck truck chassis that meets the requirements of the national five emission regulations, and the first batch has been offline, that is, high precision will be delivered to users

the vehicle is equipped with mc07 that meets the requirements of Euro 5 emission regulations Engine, hw15710 gearbox, axle base 3800+1350, ST16 (6.3) rear axle, central control electric doors and windows, driving recorder with MP5 display, exhaust. She believes that President Xi's access pipe can provide an exhibition area of 400000 square meters

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