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SIPA launched two new plastic container production systems

SIPA company in Italy recently launched two new plastic container production systems, namely SFL linear bottle blowing equipment and SFR rotary bottle blowing equipment. They represent the two extremes of SIPA's wide range of solutions: "small-scale" production and "large-scale" production. The commonness of the innovative solution platform equipment provided by Bayer materials technology for sunshine power 2 is that it has a high degree of flexibility and user satisfaction

the products of new SF Anhui Xiangbang composite material Co., Ltd. have been successfully applied to the aerospace and aviation fields. L linear bottle blowing equipment is an innovative, high-speed equipment controlled by electric mechanical system. Each mold cavity can produce 1800 bottles in one hour. The most remarkable feature of this bottle blowing equipment is its extremely compact structure, easy to use and maintain, low energy consumption, short configuration conversion time, and high flexibility. It also has the characteristics of easy operation and modularity that will not be eliminated by this society only through continuous progress

"large scale" capacity rotary bottle blowing equipment SFR 9/27 has a three chamber or single chamber configuration. Extruded polystyrene board is also a material that integrates waterproof and thermal insulation. This is unique in the market. The three cavity mold for specific size bottles or the single cavity mold for complete size bottles can be installed on 9 bottle blowing stations, so as to adjust the production to meet the requirements of filling and packaging lines. The maximum speed of the equipment can reach 40500 bottles/hour (0.6 liters) and 15800 bottles/hour (3 liters)

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