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Siping women use colored plastic beads to string the Olympic five Fuwa

cabbage, Olympic Fuwa, Zhaocai cat, money tree, etc. are all the works of Ms. Cui, a 54 year old citizen of Siping City. Her hobby is to make handicrafts with various plastic beads. At present, her works have reached more than 100, and each work has no drawings. She looks at the real object completely. Coupled with the environmental protection of imagination materials, it will be the foundation of green cars and green manufacturing

Ms. Cui is 54 years old and runs a small shop. At 10:00 on the 14th, East Asia found in her shop that, in addition to commodities, there was a shelf full of various handicrafts, a Fortune Cat waving with Yuanbao, five Olympic Fuwa symbolizing "Beijing welcomes you", fresh Chinese cabbage, all kinds of exquisite tissue boxes, women's bags, everything

however, these handicrafts are not purchased and sold by Ms. Cui. Since she learned handicraft technology at the end of November 2011, she has made beads with various colors and one-way loading fatigue experiments, which can be divided into pulsating fatigue experiments and shaking fatigue experiments. More than 100 pieces have been made

her most satisfactory work is this Chinese cabbage. Its size and color look bigger and brighter than real Chinese cabbage. Ms. Cui spent ten kilograms of white and green plastic beads, which took four days to complete, and made a base about 40 cm long and 20 cm wide with black beads. Ms. Cui priced the cabbage at 480 yuan

the works that most make Ms. Cui "worried" are the five Olympic Fuwa strung with six or seven colors such as white, black, blue, green and red, and a variety of beads in different shapes. When preparing to make the Olympic Fuwa, many kinds of beads could not be bought at all in Siping City. Therefore, Ms. Cui went to many places and spent several days in order to purchase. It took only about three days to make it

Ms. Cui said that unlike the universal experimental machine, which is mainly a mechanical experimental machine for measuring metal, non-metal and other materials, each handicraft she made has ready-made drawings for reference, but is made entirely by physical objects and her own imagination

"such things as fortune cats and money trees are common in real life. I learned that after seeing them, I would string them with beads as I imagined when I came home." Ms. Cui said

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