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China Heavy Truck Man technology products bucked the trend and ran out of acceleration

China Heavy Truck Man technology products bucked the trend and ran out of acceleration

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in 2015, affected by the macro-economy and the industry market, the market demand for heavy trucks encountered a "cold winter". In such adverse circumstances, the sales performance of SINOTRUK Mann technology products continued to be popular, with the annual sales volume increasing by 119.72% year-on-year, accounting for 35% of the total sales volume, achieving the goal set at the beginning of the year. Among them, t7H, as a fist product, achieved sales of nearly 10000 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 97.38%; T5g and J5G increased by 130.23% and 210.55% respectively, demonstrating the "contrarian acceleration" that amazed the industry, fully displaying their market charm and leading the industry trend

change in response to the situation, be bold and innovative

facing the new normal of the heavy truck market, Under the guiding ideology of the year-round overall marketing planning of "focus, breakthrough, interaction and integration", the Sales Department of SINOTRUK should change with the situation, be bold and innovative, focus on developing systematic customers, implement the guiding ideology of "focus, breakthrough, interaction and integration", and take the "five one projects" As the core of the work, focus on maintaining the relationship with Chinese prefix enterprises, muck Association, A-level logistics enterprises and other key customers, and build a trinity marketing model of manufacturers, channels and terminals

hire senior marketing consultants: the sales department hired 23 members of excellent point units as senior marketing consultants of the sales department in 2015, established a mechanism for senior marketing consultants to make suggestions, gave full play to their rights and obligations, and fully listened to the opinions and suggestions on regional strategy formulation, key product development, special action implementation, etc

focus on class a logistics enterprises: the sales department has reached strategic cooperation relations with 75 logistics enterprises, reached cooperation intentions with 6 logistics enterprises, and developed 69 opinion leaders of user groups; Only through visiting A-level logistics enterprises, nearly 400 intentional orders have been formed

10000 privileged gifts distribution: in order to fully show concern for users and enhance market influence, the sales department held "10000 privileged gifts distribution activities" for users of T series products all over the country. 35 branches carried out various launching ceremonies in the form of promotion meetings, symposiums, training, etc., with a total of 289 sessions, and distributed customized exclusive gifts face-to-face to 8318 end users, with strong market response. At the same time, 8318 user information was collected, the end-user data management database of man platform was established, and the maintenance archives were established in combination with the service work

pay attention to Chinese prefix Enterprises: the sales department closely follows the national "the Belt and Road strategy" and focuses on visiting China Railway and China Railway. The machine can stop experiments and provide data according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international specifications. China Construction, China Construction, China Communications, China water and other Chinese prefix enterprises, pay attention to engineering construction, project progress, vehicle purchase demand and other information. In 2015, a total of 94 Chinese prefix enterprise construction units and 130 construction projects were collected, Provide high-quality and efficient engineering vehicles to 11 Chinese prefix enterprises with car purchase needs

successful introduction into the express industry: through the introduction of trial vehicles with SF express and participation in the evaluation of SF express vehicles, the heavy truck howo-t5g van transport vehicle and howo-t7h trunk logistics vehicle successfully entered the 2015 SF company vehicle procurement catalogue, signed a vehicle purchase intention agreement, and provided vehicles according to the purchase needs of SF company. At present, the trial vehicles have also been successfully introduced into Yafeng express, Yuantong express, Tiantian express, Longbang logistics, Baishi Huitong, topwang, etc

there are ways to attack and defend, and there are ways to deal with it.

in order to win the initiative in the market competition, the sales department strives to build a set of customer-centered, scientific and standardized marketing planning system. Arrange special personnel to collect, sort out and analyze national, industrial and local regulations that have a great impact on the market demand of heavy trucks, intervene in the transformation and upgrading of products in advance, put forward suggestions on product development in a timely manner, launch marketable products, and vigorously carry out market promotion. In 2015, the tractor orders of the sales department increased by 30% year-on-year, and the truck orders increased by 45% year-on-year

for the AMT automatic transmission that has been successfully developed, the sales department has carried out extensive and sufficient research, accurate market segmentation and positioning, identified the applicable industries such as distribution, cold chain industry, express industry, car transport industry, transportation of dangerous chemicals, etc., focused on the areas where the products are suitable, such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei Shandong Henan region, the Yangtze River Basin, the Pearl River Delta region, and benchmarked users with higher profits At present, more than 400 vehicles have been sold by organized users and younger individual transportation groups who have contact with imported products in the early stage. It is the only manufacturer in the industry that has achieved mass production of automatic trucks

in view of the special road conditions and industrial requirements in China, heavy truck and Voith developed vr115ct hydraulic retarder, which reduced the weight by 22 kg and increased the braking force by 10% compared with the original vr115cn. Good products naturally bring good sales performance. In 2015, the sales volume increased by more than 400% year-on-year, and the market share reached more than 70%. At present, sinotruk is the only heavy truck manufacturer in China that has introduced hydraulic retarders into intelligent factories that meet industry 4.0

based on Germany's Mann D26 engine, sinotruk has successfully developed mc13 engine. Since it was put into the market in 2015, it has quickly become a substitute for many imported models. The sales department subdivided the market and took the initiative to seize the market share of mc13 engine products, especially in the express industry. In 2015, the order has reached 809, accounting for the first market share of 13 liter diesel engine, far exceeding the domestic similar products

with the continuous improvement and maturity of the product models of man technology platform, the sales department has more "weapons" to compete for the market. In 2016, the sales department will continue to follow the road of characteristic marketing, be closer to the market and terminal, and build the high-end brand image of SINOTRUK with new market strategies, efficient channel integration strategies, wonderful publicity and promotion activities, as well as more user-friendly financial policies and more professional and timely after-sales services, Make high-quality and efficient heavy truck man technology products bring efficient and lasting operational benefits to more and more heavy truck users

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