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Application of sipm/pdm in Shanghai Delphi Automotive air conditioning company

our company is a professional company that develops, produces and sells automotive air conditioning systems. The production type belongs to discrete manufacturing industry, and batch production, order production and stock production are taken into account. The production features are mainly small manufacturing and large assembly. Most of the parts are outsourced and purchased, and the key parts are produced in the enterprise for assembly and testing, so as to meet the supporting needs of domestic and BASF large automobile companies such as Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai General Motors with high surface finish, strong UV linearity and good mechanical properties, and are exported to the United States, Brazil, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places

according to the foundation of informatization and some problems faced by our company, we need a PDM system. At the beginning of the project, the company specially set up a selection group led by the computer center, including the design department and the process department, to compare and select the well-known key software at home and abroad. The specific principles are as follows:

(1) implement step by step according to the company's CIMS master plan. Starting from the drawing board, the design department adopts 2D CAD design, and gradually realizes the popularization of UG (our department has used UG 3D CAD design software from the beginning, and has not experienced the process from 2D to 3D.), Cam, CAE, CAPP aided design and production, PDM, ERP meet the management needs, each part of which can form an independent system, at the same time, lay a good foundation for the next step of system planning, and finally meet the company's CIMS overall planning standards, and realize the company's informatization

(2) demand and technology driven, practical and applicable. As a management software, PDM is required to meet the needs of enterprises. The progressiveness of technology means that under the same price standard, it requires stronger functions; Applicability means that PDM software can meet the current data platform of the company

(3) integration principle. PDM software can meet the data integration of the company's existing functional software, and transmit the correct data to ERP system

(4) progressiveness principle. PDM software should have a good development prospect. PDM software suppliers are required to have considerable strength, professional software development and maintenance personnel, and strong secondary development ability

(5) principles of standardization and normalization. As an enterprise data management platform, PDM software can ensure the standardization of company data information, document information, department information and personnel information; Maintain the standardization of design submission and design processes such as more hype, less industrialization, version change, and data archiving in China's graphene industry at present

(6) self maintenance principle. PDM software data comes from various functional software. A single data source ensures the accuracy of the internal data of the system. The powerful product BOM structure enables various borrowing relationships to be automatically managed

(7) safety principle. Select the global software operation platform and database platform to reduce the possible system crash and data man-made destruction, multi-level security mechanism, data encryption and compression, strict authority control and post event traceability mechanism

(8) operational principle. PDM software interface must be friendly and easy to operate

after extensive selection and testing, we finally chose sipm/pdm, the product data management system of Shanghai sipe Information Technology Co., Ltd

system structure and function

sipm/pdm system, as an integrated platform supporting product design process and product data management, covers the whole process of product life cycle, manages all product related information and all related activities distributed throughout the company, and assists the technical department to complete complex product development projects in parallel and in collaboration, PDM products in different forms and optional function modules are provided according to the different needs of the company, and can also be customized according to the special circumstances of the enterprise

sipm/pdm system adopts a typical client/server structure (c/s structure, as shown in Figure 1). According to the concurrent user control mechanism, data communication and sharing can be realized with clients distributed throughout the network. Within the scope of system security and personnel permissions, data utilization can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the team's collaborative work ability can be improved

Figure 1 Structure of sipm/pdm system

sipm/pdm system provides powerful system function modules, including:

(1) four layer security mechanism, which maintains the security of data and the scope of influence of personnel, and maximizes the confidentiality of data without illegal disclosure

(2) powerful product BOM structure single product model ensures the integrity and unity of all product data, automatically solves the borrowing relationship of parts, batch processes 3D graphic files such as DWG and SOLIDWORK, and then quickly constructs the product structure. The system also provides the function of product structure difference and similarity comparison, as well as the powerful function of deformation product configuration

(3) technical data such as drawings and files can be managed in two ways: product management technical data and parts classification management technical data, which brings great convenience for enterprise operators to manage drawing document information

(4) design and process are based on a unified product model, and the system automatically ensures the consistency of data. Provide process management function, directly manage the design results of sipm/capp, provide process division route design function and standard material consumption quota calculation and summary function, minimize the work intensity of process personnel, and shorten the product development and production cycle

(5) configure flexible workflow. Operators can not only complete work tasks under the guidance of standard workflow, but also formulate personalized workflow according to the actual management specifications of the enterprise or the specific specifications of the Department to meet the needs of different corporate cultures. The graphical process control supports any complex design and audit processes such as serial and concurrent, any subdivision of the design process, project progress management, etc., making the internal management of the enterprise clear and effective

(6) integration. Enterprises can flexibly define material coding rules. The system automatically generates material codes and maintains the uniqueness check of material codes. Incremental data exchange and full volume data exchange technology are adopted to ensure the strong integration and applicability of sipm/pdm system. Sipm/pdm system and UG system can be two-way data integration (as shown in Figure 2), and can be integrated with famous ERP such as MK, Baan, symix, SAP r/3, QAD, Lima, MAS, Goldilocks, 3s2000, all of which fully reflect the scope of application of sipm/pdm system

Figure 2 integration of sipm/pdm and VG system

system configuration

our computer center installs the server and client of sipm/pdm system, and the product engineering department, manager's office, chief engineer's office and other departments install the client. The operating systems are windows NT4.0 Chinese version, Windows 2000 Chinese version and windows xp Chinese version

project implementation

sipm/pdm system is a large-scale database management system, and the management object involves all aspects of the enterprise. Therefore, the implementation of the project cannot be just a project involving several people from the software supplier and the computer center. It requires all departments of the enterprise to cooperate together, work together in the same boat, give play to their different advantages, and work together to achieve the harmonious unity of enterprise characteristics and software functions

our company has set up a special implementation project team to confirm their respective responsibilities, formulate the implementation plan and schedule, and formulate the enterprise information standards as well as the operation specifications and rules of conduct for project implementation

in the implementation stage, we make full use of the previous implementation experience of the implementation personnel of SAP company, and adopt the principle of step-by-step implementation based on the unit of software modules. This implementation plan is divided into seven parts: user manager, BOM manager, drawing manager, part cluster manager, permission manager, web browsing and user log

user manager: the user manager is responsible for managing the information of all departments and personnel of the enterprise. First, establish the structure of all departments of the enterprise, and then establish the enterprise personnel information base based on departments, define a unique system login name for each enterprise personnel, and continue to standardize the user function permissions in turn according to the user's department

bom Manager: the BOM manager is responsible for maintaining all product classification information, product information and product BOM information of the enterprise. Because the BOM information of enterprise products is volatile data, and the quantity is huge, when we implement the BOM manager, we adopt the typical product model, take the typical Buick station wagon air conditioner (GL8) as a breakthrough, sort out the BOM structure of the products whose plastic pollution is becoming more and more serious in the world, and carry out the implementation of this module

drawing and document manager: the drawing and document manager is responsible for managing all material drawings related to the product BOM structure of the enterprise, according to the information file of the official of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision on November 29. After the successful implementation of BOM manager, we sorted out the electronic drawing document information of the typical Buick station wagon air conditioner (GL8), and put it into storage in batches with the help of the drawing file batch storage tool

part cluster manager: the part cluster manager is responsible for managing and maintaining all material classifications and material information of the enterprise. Establish all material classifications of the enterprise, and then manage the materials of the typical Buick travel car air conditioner (GL8)

permission Manager: the permission manager is responsible for defining the product material permission information of project team members. First, define the product and material permissions of project team members to meet the project implementation requirements at this stage; At the same time, formulate a strict permission application and granting process, so that after the formal operation of the system in the future, all operators of the enterprise can be granted permission according to the process

web browsing: users can browse the drawing documents in the server drawing file manager through the Internet Explorer installed on the client. At the same time, it also increases the number of sipm/pdm software client nodes we use, saving enterprise investment

user log: user log is a very effective means for system administrators to maintain system security. This module has perfect and comprehensive records of the system operations of all operators. Through user logs, system administrators can monitor the operation of the system at any time, plan system security policies, and maintain system security

the above implementation process is carried out in full accordance with the project implementation specifications jointly formulated at the project preparation stage. With clear objectives and reasonable operation, we completed the implementation of the whole project ahead of schedule

promotion and application

sipm/pdm system is an enterprise product data application platform, which requires all staff to participate in and correctly use relevant modules in concept. We adopt the strategy of "first, then" and gradually spread out. Members of the project team become the first batch of sipm/pdm software application experts in enterprises, and carry out operation training for all staff after the completion of system implementation

through the successful full staff training, the sipm/pdm system began to enter the trial operation stage, during which we prepared the sipm/pdm system operation process description to facilitate everyone to learn while operating. On this basis, we began to enter the formal operation stage of sipm/pdm system. The implementation of this stage marks that sipm/pdm system has been officially integrated into the informatization framework of Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air Conditioning System Co., Ltd., providing a strong driving force for the further development of the company

at present, all levels of our company have felt the powerful driving force of sipm/pdm system for enterprise development. In the actual design and production process, sipm/pdm advanced data management will help us continuously improve the market competition of enterprises

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