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Daze 35kw gasoline generator price

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the cost of danizawa 35kw gasoline generator

we must follow the statement when using the generator. As long as the overall export amount of the precision industry decreases slightly, the correct operation of the generator can greatly delay the service life of the generator set, and our inspection of the generator is also indispensable when operating the generator accurately,

1. The four leakage scene, overview and startup of the generator set Check the battery, engine oil, fuel oil, etc.

2. Stop no-load every few months and stop loading the test machine every half a year. The loading test in the existing protection is only the load test of the current electrical equipment at the back end

3. Stop testing the electrical characteristic parameters of the gasoline generator set under full load and full load environment at the specified time (see whether you can bring your equipment back after a period of time)

4. Whether the no-load test and low-power on load press produce a large amount of carbon deposition. When you find the above scene, contact our manufacturer at the first time, and we will deal with it at the first time according to your results

product strengths:

1. Stable power, basic packaging technology of the Japanese source

2. High power and low fuel consumption, compared with the advantages of international brands

3. Low noise, using mature silencing technology

4. Excellent durability, which can continue the task for 500 hours

5. Packaging and fall resistance, taking multi-layer protective measures to ensure that there is no damage during transportation

6. One year warranty, lifelong protection

7. Rigorous structure, Strong sense of artistic appearance

reason for recommendation: Japanese export, danizawa brand, large and easy, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, easy to carry, affordable, the best choice of emergency equipment

Company: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

brand name: Dania yeze power

Sales Manager: Zhou ran


landline machine:


e-mail? A href= "/cdn CGI/L/email protection" data cfemail= "4fabecf57c7b7d7e7d797f7b780f3e3e612c2022"> in the preparation process of mixed ingredients [email protected]

business style: purchase and sales treaty

remarks: 17% VAT is included, excluding freight, World 24-hour delivery

35kw silent gasoline generator (danizawa power toyoti)

toto35 must be maintained to save resources. In recent years, aging resistant PP material replacement scheme has gradually appeared as cable release point

maximum power

brand: danizawa power toyoti


single phase | three phase

50hz 60Hz


electric start (optional full active)



engine model: u series-491 (toyoti)


H (full load)

continuous task: 12h

engine type

four stroke, four cylinder, water-cooled, single overhead camshaft City in-line

silent (yellow gray)

gasoline above 90

size: 1520*760*1190mm

20 foot cabinet

40 foot cabinet

60 foot cabinet

CE/IS9000/IS2000/carb/EU task ambient temperature ℃

-25 ~ 40

electronic speed regulation, digital display, mute Cabinet type

source: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd

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