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Analysis of common problems of label printer (I)

I. installation of zebr carbon tape and label

according to the direction indicated in the figure, the dotted line is the carbon tape installation path, and the solid line is the label path. If the waste carbon tape is not easy to peel off after rewinding, roll the smooth bottom paper of the waste label on the rewinding shaft before loading, and then put on the carbon tape. When installing labels, adjust the paper limiter according to different label widths. The indenter spring is uniform, which can avoid the printer label deviation. When using the printer for the first time, measure the paper

II. Panel control

pause key: pause and start printing feed key: walk a piece of paper cancel key: when printing data is transmitted to the printer, but it is not necessary to print, press pause first, and then press cancel several times until the data light is turned off. C affects its accuracy When installing a new specification label, test the parameters of the label before normal printing. Method: press the pause key first, and then press calibrate to measure the paper. When measuring paper, the label has an accelerated process, which indicates that the paper is measured correctly. Note: after measuring the paper, the label can be rolled back, and the carbon tape cannot be rolled back

III. equipment debugging

customers can choose the printing method according to their own requirements, and select setup to enter the setting

darkness --------- temperature value

tear off --------- label tear off position

print mode ---------- peel off

media type -------- ② bench wear test: test with parts or samples similar to parts on a bench simulating actual operating conditions --------- non continuous paper

print method --------- thermal trans

Print Width -------- print width

List formats -------- format list

List setup -------- setup list

media and ribbon calibrate -------- paper and ribbon measurement

label top -------- top adjustment of label printing position

left position -------- print position adjustment on the left side of label

modify the setting with left and right black keys, and select exit key to exit the setting. Finally, select the next/save key to save the setting data. After the debugging is normal, you can enter the setting list setup, then select the black button on the right to print out the standard settings, and save this label for proofreading in case of failure

IV. regular maintenance

the printer can ensure the printing quality and prolong the service life of the print head by keeping the print head clean during the use of the printer as the leading R & D Center for the utilization and development of carbon fiber composites in China. When printing a roll of labels, clean the print head, cots and carbon belt sensors with alcohol. When replacing the print cable, turn off the printer and computer before connecting the cable. Note: when cleaning the print head, turn off the power first. The print head is a precision component, and it is best to ask professionals to help clean it

v. print head pressure adjustment

adjust the print head pressure according to different printing media. Pressure of the print head under normal conditions: adjust the nut to the highest position when the printing is better. Otherwise, the rubber roller will be deformed during long-term printing, causing the carbon belt to wrinkle and poor printing effect

VI. all the indicators of the printer are on, and the LCD does not display and cannot operate.

reason: the motherboard or EPROM is damaged. Solution: contact your distributor to replace the motherboard or install the EPROM correctly

VII. All indicator lights of the printer flash and cannot measure paper

reason: sensor failure solution: clean the dust on the surface of the sensor or contact your dealer to replace the sensor

VIII. There is a lack of line longitudinally in the printing process of the printer

reason: there is dust on the surface of the print head or the printer is worn out during long-term printing. Solution: clean the print head with alcohol or replace the print head

IX. carbon tape or label paper appears in the printer printing. It is used for the detection of the gas spring of this series. Deviation

reason: uneven paper pressing spring and the paper limiter are not adjusted according to the width of the tab. Solution: adjust the spring and paper limiter

X. the printing is not clear and the quality is poor

reason: 1. The temperature is too low. 2. The carbon tape and label quality are too poor. 3. The solution is incorrect installation of the print head: 1. Increase the printing temperature, That is, increase the print density, 2 replace the carbon tape and label paper, 3 readjust the position of the print head, especially pay attention to the consistency of its left and right height

Xi. Wrinkle of carbon tape

reason: 1. The carbon tape is not correctly wrapped around the machine. 2. The temperature is not set correctly. 3. The pressure and balance of the print head are not set correctly. 4. The media is not set correctly. Solution: 1. Reinstall the media correctly. 2. Adjust the printing temperature to meet the printing requirements as far as possible. 3. Reset the minimum pressure required for printing. 4. Reset the correct paper feeding of the media

(to be continued)

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