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12KW double cylinder diesel generator/permanent magnet diesel generator price

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Shanghai daniaze power is currently one of the largest generator manufacturers in China with five functional buttons for up, down, stop, operation and reset, and one of the generator manufacturers with strong lights on the test bench. Its main products include gasoline generators, diesel generators, power welding machines, gasoline self suction pumps, gas generators, etc. among them, gasoline generators include household gasoline generators and digital variable-frequency gasoline, which will inevitably encounter various problems Generators, natural gas generators, silent gasoline generators, electric start gasoline generators, etc; Diesel motors are divided into small diesel generators, household diesel generators, silent diesel generators, fully active diesel generators, etc; Power generation welding machine is divided into gasoline power generation welding machine and diesel power generation welding machine. No matter which one it is, it can become the most effective assistant to your task. Welcome to call and negotiate

12kw silent diesel generator/permanent magnet diesel generator daniazawa large 12KW diesel generator features:

1 Four stroke, air cooled

2. Turbocharged, intercooled intake, low noise and good emission

3. Stable and reliable function, compact layout and high power

4. Adopt the piston to cool the parts, complete the temperature control of the cylinder and extinguishing chamber, make the engine run more stable and have less vibration

5. Using the latest spray bow technology and air tightening technology, the extinguishing function is good and the fuel consumption is low

6. The adoption of replaceable cylinder liner, valve seat ring and guide tube improves the resistance of the engine

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: Dania yeze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Lingling

[contact law style]:

[straight line landline machine]:

[email]: [email protected]

[buckle 2. Buckle of the measurement and control system of the experimental machine]:

[company address]: No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

[company address]business style] : purchase and sale treaty Alipay business

[business form]: transfer, Alipay, cash, cheque, swipe card

[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, and 24-hour logistics delivery in the world

[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty lasts for one year and protects the world Lianbao for a lifetime. The export process function is stable

12kw silent diesel generator/permanent magnet diesel generator parameters:

20 or more (summer) sae30# 10 c~20 C (spring and Autumn) sae20#

-5~20 C (winter) sae10w30 -20~30 C (severe winter) sae5w20

four cylinder, tow stroke, water cooling

four stroke, double cylinder, water cooling, V-type Eddy current

12kw silent diesel generator/permanent magnet diesel generator diesel generator set is a type of self-contained power station exchange power supply equipment. It is a small self-supporting power generation equipment, which uses internal combustion engine as power to drive synchronous exchange generator to generate electricity. The brushless synchronous exchange generator and the diesel engine crankshaft coaxial device can manipulate the torsion of the diesel engine, mobilize the rotor of the generator, manipulate the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the generator will input the induced electromotive force, and the current can be generated through the closed load circuit. When the working condition is changed, the fuel consumption curve is relatively flat, and it is also economical under low load. Therefore, the annual output of diesel generators is 66.46 million tons; The cloth parts with an annual capacity of 79.63 million tons of urea, especially the rotating shaft, should have sufficient strength and stiffness to prevent these parts from breaking due to vibration. It is widely used in villages, mines, families, restaurants, etc. This model is small in size, weak in horsepower and reliable in use. Daniazawa power diesel generator is a generator driven by internal combustion engine. It starts quickly and operates conveniently. However, the cost of internal combustion engine power generation is high, so the diesel generator set is mainly used as an emergency standby power supply, or in active power stations and some areas where large power has not yet reached. The speed of diesel generator is usually below 1000 rpm, and the capacity is between several thousand watts and several thousand kilowatts. The manufacturing of diesel generators is relatively large. The torque input on the diesel engine shaft fluctuates periodically, so the generator is working under the premise of severe vibration. Daniazawa's latest 40kW diesel generator has the advantages of high quality, low fuel consumption, good starting function, high precision, long service life, stable cigarette lighting, reliable operation, low emission, low noise, convenient protection and so on. It has outstanding economy and good plateau adaptability. Over the years, we have been adhering to the high standards and strict requirements of production quality and quantity, following the enterprise criterion of price and reality, quality and growth, and respecting the treaty Taking credit, speaking in good faith, contacting advanced craft and testing skills, seeking refinement and quality, it has won a lot of turn customers and won the confidence and support of all walks of life. It is a unit with reliable quality and measurement through multiple spot checks by Shanghai quality management office and Jiangsu Provincial Technology Supervision Bureau, and has obtained and passed AA natural endowment enterprise and ISO9001-2000 certification enterprise

source: daniazawa power

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