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Beware of SARS like virus V2 video conference to help business people work healthily

ctiforum September 27 news (Jia Er): on September 23, the World Health Organization once again found the novel coronavirus of SARS like virus, and one person has died. Whether the SARS like virus will sweep the world like SARS in 2003 and deprive people of their lives is still unknown? The World Health Organization announced yesterday that two SARS like virus patients have been found so far, but stressed that if signs of infection through human contact continue to be found, then we should be vigilant about whether another SARS like virus is spreading

this also puts a layer of haze on business people going out, such as serious cabin pollution, decreased resistance, etc., especially long-distance business travel. In the face of enterprises that often arrange employees for long-distance business trips, it is a good choice to deploy V2 video conferencing for employees, because compared with long-distance travel, V2 video conferencing can more effectively reduce the cost of business trips and reduce the fatigue of employees. In addition, V2 video conference has excellent audio and video communication quality and simple, easy-to-use, convenient and fast interface, which can ensure that there will be no delay in any picture in the holding of online video conference and communication

v2 video conference can help business office without delay. As long as there is a network, you can use desktops, notebooks, and even zigzag experiments on metal materials such as steel plates, ribbed steel, Yuangang, and just welded parts to enter V2 video conference. No matter where you are, Jinmin 3D printing is also favored by the majority of users and people in the industry. Materials can achieve the effect of instant communication with excellent performance and leading technology. With the advantages of low investment cost, easy deployment and simple operation, V2 video conference has quickly gained a good market reputation and share. V2 video conference is a video conference platform based on Web page login, which can realize multi-channel 1080p HD real-time video conference under the condition of equipment and bandwidth

based on the industry's most advanced H.264 video coding standard, the application of this coding in wide area is optimized, with excellent stability and packet loss resistance. For this reason, a number of independently developed patents have been applied. V2 video conference adapts to the network environment from 56kbps to higher bandwidth. V2 video conference requires only 6.3kbps of network bandwidth to complete the smooth transmission of audio over a wide area. The capture frame rate of V2 video conference video image will also be automatically adjusted with the constant change of client network bandwidth and the adjustment of video image capture code rate. At the same time, V2 video conference supports firewall and NAT, so enterprises can deploy V2 video conference to any existing network environment without changing the network configuration

secondly, V2 video conference also supports a variety of application modes, such as remote marketing, remote recruitment, remote venue, remote negotiation, remote monitoring and other applications, which just meets the flexibility needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, V2 video conference has been applied and deployed in many enterprises, and the technology has become increasingly mature. Enterprise users do not need to worry about technical problems such as audio-visual delay, which fundamentally solves the cost worries of small and medium-sized enterprises. V2 video conference is a civilian and people-friendly video conference, which makes the application deployment desire of small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce costs a reality

thirdly, disasters and disasters occur frequently, and the plague has trapped people in airports or trains. Safety has become the most worrying thing. V2 video conference has been in the cloud. Enterprises have deployed V2 video conference, so there is no need to send employees on business trips. Just one click to call employees from all over the world online, and then a new and real video conference can be launched. V2 video conference has rich functions, including camera remote control, multicast, TV wall, multi group conference concurrency, 10000 point high-capacity video conference, etc. users can choose appropriate modules according to their own needs to build a complete V2 video conference platform. V2 video conference can also support PowerPoint, word, Excel and other loads that can be reached by each load. Office documents and PDF, Visio, AutoCAD, TXT documents, pictures and other forms of documents are basically unchanged. It also supports super large documents with more than 500 pages, efficient real-time screen sharing technology, page and other program sharing, as well as desktop sharing

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