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Berkshire spent a lot of money to introduce flexographic printing machines

recently, in order to improve flexographic printing capacity, Berkshire labels invested 450000 pounds to introduce UV flexographic printing equipment, that is, the new Mark Andy lp3000 production line

"we are developing new biodegradable labels. It is easy to develop such labels, and self-adhesive is the key part." Grant picking, head of sales at Berkshire, said. "Mark Andy's performance is very comprehensive, far ahead of similar products. After using Mark Andy, the quality of biodegradable labels we print will be higher."

Berkshire has paid more and more attention to the smell of TPE materials, and the original work of using the cylinder relief press has been entrusted to this new 8-color printing machine. In this way, the UV flexo printing ability of the company has been increased by 50%

source of information: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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