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1. Aluminum alloy factor effect of safety properties

◆ the aluminum alloy conductor factor has greatly strengthened its conductivity and connection properties after the elements such as rare earth and iron are involved. Especially, when the conductor is annealed, iron has a high-strength creep resistance. When the current is overloaded, iron explains the continuous connection effect, so that the aluminum alloy conductor will not creep

◆ creep does great harm to the cable. If the cable creeps, the contact point is not pressed tightly enough, and the pressure decreases, which makes the contact resistance increase rapidly. After the current flows, it causes overheating at the joint. If the maintenance is not carried out on time, there will be potential safety hazards. It is very important to deal with cable creep

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is the main business of the company; Wire and cable recycling, second-hand cable recycling, high-voltage cable recycling, waste cable recycling, Beilun District waste cable reel recycling company is a large formal environmental protection recycling unit integrating cable recycling, waste copper recycling, transformer recycling, waste aluminum recycling, stainless steel recycling, distribution cabinet recycling, motor recycling, processing, utilization and sales in Beilun District. It adheres to the correct business philosophy and strict marketing management system, Based on the principles of honesty, high-quality service and reasonable price, [Xinji material recycling company] has signed long-term strategic mutual assistance agreements with many enterprises across the country., Residual cable recycling and scrap cable recycling. Zhongrui cable recycling company is a professional unit for the direct recovery of waste copper and aluminum. Whether it is the quotation for the recovery of waste cables or the quotation for the recovery of waste copper and aluminum, it is calculated and added according to the spot quotation of the day and the supply and demand situation of the current shopping mall, closely following the quotation for the recovery of waste cables, copper, aluminum and non-ferrous metals in the shopping mall. Our company follows the operation philosophy of "recycling of waste cables, recycling of waste copper and aluminum cables, green environmental protection, fair and reasonable quotation for recycling of waste copper and aluminum cables, and recycling of waste copper and aluminum cables and wires, with the company's reputation first", and looks forward to the consultation of new and old customers at any time with integrity, fairness, efficiency, and cooperation. Beilun District waste cable reel recycling company has always insisted on close cooperation with customer enterprises, seriously recycling the waste cable reel in Beilun District, and treating the disposal of waste products and the reuse of resources from the perspective of protecting resources and enhancing environmental awareness. Implement unified and hierarchical management, and implement the system at all levels. For the sorting workers stationed in the customer enterprise, they should wear uniform and work with certificates, strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the customer enterprise, and do a good job in the sorting of waste products and the environmental sanitation work in the area. Listen to the ideas of enterprises on the recycling management of waste cable trays in Beilun District in time, and correct the quality of service

the recycling price of waste cable reels in Beilun District welcomes customers to divide carefully

wires and cables are often divided into weak current cables, atmospheric pressure wires and cables, and high-voltage cables. Weak current cables are often used for monitoring signal transmission. Normal pressure wires and cables are generally used for civil line lighting and ordinary electrical appliances, and high-voltage wires and cables are generally used for long-distance line transportation and large electrical appliances. Cables are carefully divided into weak current cables 450/750v and below, low-voltage cables 0.6/1kv, medium voltage kV, high-voltage 35 kV, and ultra-high voltage -750kv according to different voltage grades. Low voltage cables can be produced by using ordinary PVC and cross-linked polyethylene, and cross-linked and ordinary cables can be distinguished. Medium and high voltage cables are not all cross-linked cables. 6kv-35kv cables are produced by using three-layer coextrusion and high-density cross-linked polyethylene. 1kV low-voltage cable and 6/10kv, 8.7/10kv medium voltage cable, the former is 1kV with voltage at other places, Common products are vv/yjv PVC/XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable: Structure: conductor + insulation + filling + wrapping tape + sheath vv22/yjv22 PVC/XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable structure: conductor + insulation + filling + (wrapping tape) +Inner lining + steel strip + outer sheath medium voltage yjv-6/10kvyjv-8.7/10kv cross-linked polyethylene insulation poly

treatment policy for cross cable problem: cables are arranged side by side in the cable tray, but the turning direction of each cable at the tee and cross of the cable tray may be different. At this time, if the cable arrangement sequence is improper, it is particularly easy to cause crossing at these characteristic nodes. Therefore, the responsibility of finding cross cables is mainly concentrated in these positions

how to keep the sample at the bottom of the instrument is important

about the mutual interference of cables in a certain characteristic section, there are mainly the following general conditions:

I. there may be crossing between straight cable and turning cable

ii. Turns in different directions have close cooperation with many well-known automobile manufacturers, and there may be crossover between bent cables

iii. there will be no crossing between all straight cables

iv. there will be no crossing between cables turning in the same direction

therefore, the responsibility of finding cross cables can be handled by analyzing the walking direction of cables in each characteristic section and the correlation between them. You need to find out the first two conditions and record them to obtain the information of the cross cable

in order to find out the information of all crossed cables (crossing position and crossing times), our junior editor of Jinan experimental machine factory summarizes the following for you: it is necessary to practice traversing the characteristic section of cable tray. The selected method is to explain the cable practice in the characteristic section, determine the whereabouts of each cable in the node, and then analyze the correlation between cables

when determining the direction of the cable, the adjacent nodes of the cable about this node should be used, and the adjacent nodes can be obtained through the trend data of the cable. When analyzing the correlation between the two sides of the cable, you can choose the method of traversing the cable in the interface

the Party Central Committee and the State Council of Xinji waste materials decided that the Recycling Co., Ltd. would recycle all kinds of second-hand wires and cables and waste cables at a high price for a long time; Wire and cable recycling: long term recycling of all kinds of power cables, communication cables, fire-proof cables, electromagnetic cables, special cables, wires, cables for electrical equipment, etc., with free demolition services. Welcome new and old customers to inquire!; The company has been recycling all kinds of second-hand wires and cables at high prices for individuals, enterprises and institutions, hotels, hotels, and other units for a long time. All along, the company has been in line with the principle of "integrity-based, fair survival, reputation as a guarantee, mutual benefit", and strive to achieve the goals of turning waste into treasure, protecting the environment and benefiting the society! 2、 Recycling scope of civilized wires and cables: 1. Power cable recycling: long-term provision of medium and low-voltage power cables, high-voltage cables, ultra-high voltage cables, UHV cables, compensation cables, shielded cables, control cables, oil immersed cables, plastic cables, rubber insulated power cables, overhead insulated cables recycling services 2. Communication cable recycling: long-term provision of optical fiber cables, coaxial communication cables, municipal communication cables Special communication cables for coal mines, photovoltaic cables, shielded communication cables, armored communication cables, flame-retardant communication cables, signal cables, data cables, local telephone cables, TV cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cable recycling services 3. Special cable recycling: long-term provision of high-temperature electric cables, polyethersulfone insulated wires, low inductance cables, low-noise cables, heating cables, electroluminescent wires, CMP cables, aviation cables Halogen free new green wire and cable recycling, cross-linked cable recycling service 4. Fire resistant cable recycling: long-term provision of flame-retardant cable, fire-resistant cable, high temperature resistant cable, oil resistant cable, wear-resistant cable, cold resistant cable recycling service 5. Wires and products: long-term provision of aluminum stranded wire, steel cored aluminum stranded wire, copper clad steel stranded wire, copper aluminum busbar, copper wire, aluminum wire, copper bar, bus duct, copper clad aluminum wire and cable recycling service 6, Electromagnetic wire recycling: long-term provision of winding wire, instrument cable, enameled wire, polyester enameled wire, data cable, overhead communication cable recycling service 7. Cable recycling for electrical equipment: long-term provision of elevator cable, computer cable, marine cable,/agricultural/mining cable, electromechanical wire and cable, production wire and cable, aviation cable, factory cable, electric locomotive wire Coaxial cable recycling [Xinji material recycling company] has long provided all kinds of waste cable reel recycling services in Beilun District to all parts of the country. If you or your side has idle second-hand cables to deal with, please contact us, we will provide you with high-quality Beilun District waste cable reel recycling price to welcome customers

essence of alloy cable products:

1 Practical safety nature

alloy cables have been strictly certified by UL in the United States overseas and have been used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries for 40 years without any problems. Based on the introduction of advanced technology from the United States, Sino American Wheeler alloy cable is independently developed and has a number of patents. It has been tested by many domestic institutions and has reliable safety

2. Good conductivity

Sino American wheal alloy cable is a new type of alloy cable treated by special process by adding rare earth, copper, iron, silicon and other elements unique to China. Its conductivity is 62% of that of copper. After special processing, the alloy conductor section is increased by 1 5 times, so that the electrical nature of the cable, such as current carrying capacity and voltage drop, is particularly different from that of copper cable, reaching the goal of "replacing copper with new alloy materials"

3. Excellent antiseptic nature

when the Central American wheal alloy conductor contacts with air, it immediately forms a dense oxide layer, which is very resistant to various modes of corrosion, so it has the characteristics of withstanding the worst environment; In addition, the optimization of the internal material structure of the alloy conductor and the application of silane crosslinked polyethylene insulation material have extended the service life of the alloy cable by more than 10 years than that of the copper cable

the reply stressed that we should ensure the development of comprehensive pilot projects for power system reform within the framework of Zhongfa No. 9 document and supporting documents, and prevent the pilot work from going astray. The pilot work should always adhere to the following principles: first, adhere to the principle of market pricing, and do not use administrative orders and other methods that go against the direction of reform to artificially reduce electricity prices; Second, adhere to the principle of equal competition, and equally open the power sales business and incremental distribution business to market entities suitable for the conditions. It is not allowed to determine the power sales entities and entities in the mode of administrative designation; Third, adhere to the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction. Enterprises that should perform differential and punitive electricity prices according to the regulations shall not take the opportunity to provide preferential electricity prices and electricity subsidies· Many recycling and high price peers·

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