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Beyond embedded - integrated machine vision

Abstract: like all automation products, baccalais' machine vision system uses off the shelf MAPP technology component programming. The resulting applications cover everything from process control and motion to machine vision and HMI

the old proverb tells us, "seeing is believing". In fact, vision is the most trustworthy of human senses - and it is also something we often use to interact with the world. "In contrast," andreaswaldl, product manager of integrated machine vision at baccalais, said, "many machines today are more or less running blindly."

OEMs have been trying to solve this problem through machine vision for many years. When enterprises are committed to implementing industry 4.0, such a visual system may become a valuable tool. "At present, however, machine control products have been registered for too long and machine vision still lives in two different worlds," waldl said. Integrating machine vision into applications is still a very complex task

baccalais' machine vision

"we have developed an embedded vision system whose flexibility and unprecedented integration have eliminated the defects previously associated with these systems," waldl said. The core of the solution is a wide range of smart camera technology. Low end products will replace simple machine vision sensors, while high-end series will give full play to the potential of high-end smart cameras. These cameras can perform various machine vision tasks that are still performed by PC based systems

a key component of the baccalais machine vision system is intelligent lighting technology, which can be integrated into the camera, used as an external device, or a combination of the two. Automatic dimming can prevent stray light and other difficult lighting conditions from affecting performance. In addition, it is also easy to achieve high-precision synchronization of high-speed image capture before installing the experimental machine, or implementing specific object requirements, such as light field or dark field lighting

perfect integration

"baccalais' machine vision system can be integrated at all levels: engineering tools, real-time operating systems and application software," waldl stressed. The overall approach covers all aspects of automation solutions: from control systems to safety technology, from motion control to robots and CNC. "Now it also includes machine vision."

cameras and lighting are like integrated i/o modules, servo drivers and safety controllers, and interfaces are no longer required in the operating system. Tasks such as programming and configuring image processing routines and setting up cameras and lighting have all become part of the entire automation project

control programmers can perform a large number of machine vision tasks by themselves. All data, parameters and variables are standardized throughout the system – machine vision does not require separate process variables. Only when the professional knowledge of visual experts is needed, such as dealing with difficult lighting conditions

baccalais has integrated machine vision into its automation studio engineering tool

simple programming

baccalais MAPP technology framework provides ready-made software components, and machine vision applications can be easily created with less programming. Since the MAPP component can realize the intuitive communication between each other, it only needs a few clicks to integrate the images captured by the smart camera into the P view HMI application for the comprehensive realization of customer satisfaction. None of this requires writing a single line of code. Camera and lighting parameters and trigger conditions can be changed at any time, so that product type change and other operation time adjustment are very easy to implement

infinite possibilities

the potential applications of the baccalais machine vision system range from relatively simple tasks - such as reading bar codes, OCV and OCR - to the most demanding tasks in the pharmaceutical, printing and textile industries

different camera models can be seamlessly expanded, and they are all based on the same technology. In this way, OEM manufacturers can equip different machine vision system configurations for different models. No matter what kind of hardware is installed, the software only needs to be created once. Since the application program is also stored on the controller, if the camera is replaced during maintenance, the data will not be lost

like all automation products, baccalais' machine vision system uses off the shelf MAPP technology component programming. The resulting applications cover everything from process control and motion to machine vision and HMI

sub microsecond synchronization

cameras and lighting are directly integrated into the real-time network through Powerlink, which not only ensures the close synchronization between the machine and motion control, but also handles HMI communication

the trigger signal comes directly from the controller or sports application, rather than the detour they were forced to take in the past. The ability to synchronize image triggers and lighting controls with the entire automation system - with hard real-time and sub microsecond accuracy - opens up a new world full of opportunities. For example, in dynamic applications with frequent speed changes, a separate encoder is no longer required on the camera

by fully integrating machine vision into its automation system, baccalais now allows machine manufacturers to achieve control and machine vision tasks through a single tool. As waldl concluded, "unlike the shortcomings of traditional vision systems, they can refocus on optimizing the value-added process of machines with high-end fine chemicals such as catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates and electronic chemicals."

"the first fully integrated machine vision system brings new opportunities to mechanical equipment manufacturers." Andreaswaldl, product manager, baccalais – integrated machine vision

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