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"Black technology" can recognize the identity of pedestrians running red lights

yesterday, Wuhan's new generation of pedestrian running red lights snapshot system was launched at the Xunlimen intersection of Jiefang Avenue. What's more, it has face recognition function. Pedestrians and non motor vehicle drivers running red lights will not only be broadcast live on the big screen, but also the identity information of offenders will be recognized and recorded at the same time, and will be connected to personal integrity system in the future

a large screen is installed on one side of the sidewalk, and the HD camera is aimed at the zebra crossing at the intersection to capture pedestrians and non motorized vehicles crossing the street through red lights in real time. The large screen scrolls through the video of pedestrians and non motor vehicles running red lights at the intersection. The pedestrian crossing voice prompt column set at the intersection constantly reminds "now is a red light, please return and wait". When pedestrians rush out of the intersection, the electronic whistle installed on the pole post will emit a loud simulated brake sound

a pedestrian running a red light was stopped by the traffic police, who issued a 20 yuan ticket through the police PDA. Nearby, an electric bicycle rider who ran a red light was conducting voluntary persuasion services at an education and learning point. According to the road traffic safety law, "pedestrians and non motor vehicle drivers who violate the road traffic safety laws and regulations on road traffic shall be warned or fined not less than 5 yuan but not more than 50 yuan." When the pedestrian signal light is red, the pedestrian crosses the waiting area, and the camera captures the first picture; If pedestrians continue to move forward and reach the center of the zebra crossing, the camera will capture the second picture; Pedestrians continue to walk, and the camera captures the third picture; The fourth picture is a close-up picture of a pedestrian running a red light, which can clearly see the whole picture of the pedestrian. At the same time, the camera will record the whole process of pedestrians crossing the street and running the red light

different from the previous generation, the new generation of capture system has the function of face recognition, which can recognize the identity information of offenders and record it. In recent years, in order to reduce the illegal acts of pedestrians and non motor vehicles running red lights, Wuhan traffic police have successively installed a video capture system for pedestrians running red lights at 15 places, including Xudong street, Yuemachang, and Dongfeng Avenue in Zhuankou, Wuchang. The snapshot system at these intersections will also be upgraded, using face recognition technology to automatically identify the identity information of offenders, and access the personal integrity system under construction through the system platform

I have to say that technology really changes life 1 Drop the test knowledge that testers need to have. In the future, they can no longer run the red light. So what is face recognition

face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. It is a series of related technologies that use cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing faces, automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then carry out face recognition on the detected faces, which is usually called portrait recognition and face recognition

the advantage of face recognition lies in its naturalness and the characteristics that are not perceived by the tested individual

the so-called naturalness means that this recognition method is the same as the biometrics used by humans (or even other organisms) for individual recognition

iris recognition, speech recognition, body shape recognition, etc., while fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, etc. are not natural, because humans or other organisms do not distinguish individuals through such biometrics. Imperceptible features are also important for a recognition method, which will make the recognition method not offensive and not easy to be cheated because it is not easy to attract people's attention. Face recognition has this feature. It completely uses visible light to obtain face image information, which is different from fingerprint recognition or iris recognition. It requires the use of electronic pressure sensors to collect fingerprints, or the use of infrared to collect iris images. These special collection methods are easy to be detected, so they are more likely to be camouflaged


face recognition is considered to be one of the most difficult research topics in the field of biometrics and even artificial intelligence. The difficulty of face recognition is mainly caused by the fact that the face is a biometric feature of steel materials accounting for about 3/4 of the weight of the car body

Xianghe manufacturing solution is similar to the best practice of the user enterprise after all

face similarity

there is little difference between different individuals. The structure of all faces is similar, and even the structure and shape of face organs are very similar. This feature is beneficial to the use of human faces for location, but unfavorable to the use of human faces to distinguish human individuals


the shape of the face is very unstable. People can produce many expressions through the changes of the face, and the visual images of the face vary greatly from different observation angles. In addition, face recognition is also affected by many factors, such as lighting conditions (such as day and night, indoor and outdoor, etc.), many covers of the face (such as masks, sunglasses, hair, beard, etc.), age and so on

in face recognition, the first kind of changes should be amplified as the standard to distinguish individuals, while the second kind of changes should be eliminated, because they can represent the same individual. Usually, the first kind of change is called inter class difference, while the second kind of change is called intra class difference. Extended gauge distance: 50 mm for faces, intra class changes are often greater than inter class changes, making it extremely difficult to distinguish individuals using inter class changes when disturbed by intra class changes

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