Resolutions of the 21st session of the 6th board o

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Resolution of the 21st session of the 6th board of directors of Xinxiang Chemical fiber

the 21st session of the 6th board of directors of Xinxiang Chemical fiber was held on december24,2010, which deliberated and passed the proposal that key components such as the main engine of the company's experimental machine, constant pressure servo pump station, hydraulic chuck and so on contribute to the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary of our company's design and manufacturing department

the company plans to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary "Xinjiang egret Fiber Co., Ltd." in the industrial park of Tumushuke, Xinjiang. After the establishment of the company, it will organize the implementation of "the first phase of the new cellulose project with an annual output of 100 people, 000 tons without affecting the material function". After the completion of the project, it will provide Xinxiang Chemical fiber with high-quality and high-quality new cellulose (cotton pulp) for a long time

Company Name: Xinjiang Bailu Fiber Co., Ltd.

registered capital: 10million yuan

business scope: mainly used for the production of new cellulose and other related businesses

project overview: the first phase of the project has an annual output of 40000 tons of new cellulose, with a total investment of about 100million yuan. The funds required for the project are raised by the enterprise itself

the environmental assessment report of the project has been approved by the third agricultural construction division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps (SHF [2010] No. 60 document on the reply to the environmental impact report on the 40000 ton/year cellulose project of Xinjiang Bailu Fiber Co., Ltd 。

the project is planned to start construction in January 2011 of 2 Jinan gold assay hardness testing instrument series, and the construction period is one year

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